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White Coward Playing Last Show at the Black Lodge

White Coward Playing Last Show at the Black Lodge

Photo Source: White Coward

White Coward are scheduled to play their finale show this Friday, October 26th with No Babies, Mtns, and Casy and Brian at the Black Lodge.

Their EP Relaxer dropped in April of this year, tagged with vague terms like "kids" and "shred." Upon listening to the record, the aforementioned words actually make a modicum of sense.

First of all, the song "Kids I've Had" grinds and purrs against your ears with a quality of great persistence. I wouldn't mind "running around the neighborhood" (as a line goes) blasting this noisy track. Better yet, it could stand-in as the soundtrack to some demented carnival populated with bizzaro rides and carnees. A whopper of frenzied, disoriententing energy fuels this art punk anthem.

"Gal Pals" possesses a savory don't-give-a-fuck flavor in the same vein as groups like Braniac, The Blood Brothers, and Raking Bombs. They differentiate their noise rock with a taunting snarl instead of slurred speech or venomous screams. The song's locomotive-like grooves rip right through your comfort zone.

A prerequisite for absorbing Relaxer's raw delivery is to listen to it really loudly. If your speakers can't produce enough decibels to tickle your brain with feedback, then go see White Coward live on the 26th of October. Last chance! 9pm start time. Listen to "Gal Pals" below and visit their bandcamp to stream it all and pick your price.

- Cameron LaFlam

Published: October 24, 2012 |

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