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New Lungs Preparing for Winter EP Release, Playing November Benefit Concert

New Lungs Preparing for Winter EP Release, Playing November Benefit Concert

New Lungs are currently working on their second EP which is unnamed at present. Leading up to the late 2012/early 2013 release will be a benefit show at the Redmond Firehouse on Friday, November 30th. The concert features a five-band bill with Fringe Shift, Dear Mister Manager, Postmadonna, and Catalyst all on board too. 

This four-piece initially came together in fall of last year. A chemistry quickly clicked between the jammers-turned-bandmates, ironing out enough captivating material to record a three song EP called How to Operate Your Brain in December 2011. Let's get their names and roles in the band out: Wes Gonzalez (guitar/vocals), Antoine Martel (guitar), Nick Emard (bass/vocals), and Rob Granfelt (drums). Together, they form - (take a deep breath now) - New Lungs.

Whew. Before leaping into their stirring sounds, their band geography is worth mentioning. With three of the four members away at university for much of the year, New Lungs spends most of their time thousands of miles apart from one another. It is difficult for many bands to keep a good thing going when they live in the same city limits. And it is likely that some music endeavors spread across such a vast distance would wither from lack of creative cohesion, passion, or talent. Thankfully, New Lungs appear determined to stick it out.

Look no further than their first three recorded songs to see how they exemplify a pastiche of the new and old. As a lyricist, Gonzalez wears his heart on his sleeve, a nod and debt to many exceptional 'emo' (that genre can carry a caustic stigma which is frequently undeserved) bands of the '90's and 2000's. His vocals are well-timed, emotionally-charged, and genuinely drive the music soaring and roaring behind him.

There is no weak entry-point for the band. New Lungs coalesce well as a foursome, as evidenced by their tight, passionate live performances. On their individual instruments they are each capable of introducing the right style of playing for the moment; when to kick up the dynamics, when to let the sounds of silence speak from within the gaps.

How to Operate Your Brain is not without its flaws, although I am not especially interested in dwelling on them. I am interested in the future this band is racing towards. As they continue to notch shows on their belts and dig away at their forthcoming EP, it is exciting to think what kinds of fresh compositions will pour forth from their collective craniums.

Keep eyes and ears tuned in for New Lungs news as the year continues. On the 30th of November they will appear at the Redmond Firehouse. Doors are at 7pm; tickets are $7; 100% of the proceeds go to Village Schools International. Support great bands for an even greater cause. Check out "The Emerald au Pair" below and visit their bandcamp to hear the whole EP. CDs are available for only $4.

- Cameron LaFlam

Published: October 30, 2012 |

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