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Silicon Girls Have Final Performance at The Vera Project

Silicon Girls Have Final Performance at The Vera Project

Photo Source: Silicon Girls

Silicon Girls are moving on and playing their very last show this Friday at The Vera Project. Marvelous Good Fortune will join them.

This three piece last issued a record in March 2012; Rana is a rough-and-tumble collection of artful tunes. Their music darts and weaves unpredictably with genuine jubilance. A punkish ethos pervades - they seem to hold no allegiance to any particular sound or structure. Rather than being explicitly about craftsmanship, Silicon Girls charge forth by championing creation, expression and energy.

The drums are rollicking and scatter-brained on "Take Care," a trait that is threaded throughout Rana. Its rhythms lend an incessant surfness to the music. The guitarwork harkens back to early Modest Mouse and other '90's indie rock pioneers. The song is also awash with a kind of drony, hazy film that corroborates the band's idiosyncrasies.

Try out "Shipwrecked," which begins with a simple vocal ode before flowing into a galloping sea shantie. The twang of the guitar and shimmering splashes of cymbals build ebuillient climaxes - listeners are tossed about Silicon Girls' waves in the best ways.

Their music, simply put, is charming and fun. They really sound like they are having a great time and will doubtlessly put it on full display for their last show on Friday, November 9th. Doors are at 7:30pm at The Vera Project with $7 tickets. Give "Shipwrecked" a listen below and check out Silicon Girls' bandcamp to hear all of Rana.

- Cameron LaFlam

Published: November 08, 2012 |

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