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The Modular Mantras of Patternmaster

The Modular Mantras of Patternmaster

In school teachers try and cram as much info into our heads as possible through monotony. However, a lot of this never really seems to stick because we never understand the context, reason or passion behind it. Dance music acts in a similar way instructing us to move with a repetitive onslaught of rhythm, except where school lacks passion, dance music indulges in it, and we soon are overcome with knowledge (sometimes carnal) and succumb to the movement. Patternmaster takes us on a forward thinking quest for knowledge, using modular squelches and incessant kick drums to guide the way -we learn the value of just being in the moment. And just as the last moment passes a new one begins and thus is the cyclical pattern of Patternmaster.

For a those on a constant quest for knowledge check out Patternmaster at Kremwerk on February, 5th for the 21st edition of MOTOR, Seattle's monthly experimental electronics revue.

Published: February 02, 2015 |

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