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Tacocat and The Young Evils open for some guy tonight

Tacocat and The Young Evils open for some guy tonight

There's a big hoopla going on tonight: some guy from SF is in town and he brought his face paint and we're all excited to see how the sweat washes it away. But there's more than that... at the very same event there's an evil lurking and a cat with a penchant for Mexican food, and that sounds very enticing.

The evil I speak of is The Young Evils, Seattle's bittersweet rock-popsters. If The Cars spun out on the Vaselines and consequently drove straight into Wreckless Eric, The Young Evils would be on the sideline documenting it all to sell it to the tabloids later, and oh how they would revel in the drama!

The name Tacocat pretty much sums up the band. Some of their songs are about cats; some are about tacos, some just about being person in a world. While tacos explain themselves, and we deal with being a person everyday, cats are a much more complex subject.  What exactly is a cat thinking? Does it want peace and harmony; dissent and chaos, or simply a warm laptop to sits on? Does the modern cat express empathy or is the cute cuddly persona merely a facade to cover up the deviant sociopath that lies underneath? Hear Tacocat's sentiments on the subject tonight.

The Young Evils open for Tacocat, who open for Ty Segall tonight at Neptune, 7PM, FREE


Published: February 03, 2015 |

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