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Krautrock transmissions from the Lo-fi tonight

Krautrock transmissions from the Lo-fi tonight

Jaki Liebezeit, the drummer for the seminal Krautrock band Can, had an epiphany; he was confronted by a mysterious person in the late 60's who told him "YOU MUST PLAY MONOTONOUS." Jaki could have easily passed off the comment with total disregard, but there was something about the wide-eyed nature of this mysterious person that seemed to suggest something alien and perhaps knowledge of worlds beyond our own. And so Jaki took heed and began playing monotonous and consequently changed and effected the way we approach pop and odd music ever since.

The fact that a moment so fleeting and seemingly inconsequential could have such a resounding effect on the future of music seems magical at best. Could aliens really have informed the Germans about this musical zeitgeist? ...Now I'm imagining a planet where the national anthem is a motorik beat that plays for half an hour...

Meanwhile, back on earth we're sending those signals back out to space in hopes that the mothership returns to bring us bountiful gifts of synthesizers that oscillate emotions and guitars that feedback into eternity. Tonight there is a live transmission from The LO-FI with cosmic kraut conductors, Red Martian (who on any other day could be the house band for Creation Records), Terminal Fuzz Terror (Amon Duul disciples), Bites, and more... All paying homage to the greatest musical genre the west has ever known. Lift off starts at 8pm

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