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Battle Ave

Best of NYC 2015 - Open Submission result, category INDIE ROCK: The New Tarot, Regret the Hour, The Heavy Howl, Battle Ave

Here's another round of bands that proceed to the next phase of our Best of NYC poll for emerging artists, from the normally crowded "Indie Rock" category (everybody wants to be "indie" these days, we had to re-categorize a couple of folk artists and blues rock bands before we got this this list)! This category was a heart breaker, LOTS of really talented artists that should have gone through, but we can't possibly promote more than four of them - sorry!

Total submissions in this category: 19

Jurors: Jonathan Goodwin (The Deli DC), Ryan Mo (The Deli LA), PDG (The Deli NYC).

1. The New Tarot 8.16 - (out of 10)

We stumbled upon the Walker sister-driven group The New Tarot in the summer of 2014 and saw a lot of potential in it. One and a half years later, we are happy to report that at least part of that potential has been developed in the right direction in their 2015 "Stella" EP, and through a live show that's growing in confidence - not to mention the awesomely spooky video for the title-track, streaming below. These ladies have the talent and enough time on their side to take things even further. Don't miss their upcoming show at The Bowery Electric on February 13.


2. Regret The Hour - 7.83

Currently gracing the top of this very blog as 50% of our Artist of the Month, like this very category's winners, Regret the Hour are fueled by sibilinghood: brothers Nate McCarthy (lead vox/guitar) and Ben McCarthy (lead guitar) lead this group through their second EP "The Far and the Near," which confidently blends indie, alt and roots elements to deliver an intensely emotional and enjoyable record.


2. The Heavy Howl - 7.83

Brand new NYC/Boston trio The Heavy Howl released their debut EP "New Mistake" in the summer of 2015 - great title by the way. It's an interesting record that manages to be sober production-wise but also catchy in a very peculiar way. The power trio instrumentation is what you would expect from a grunge revival band, and even if the sound is partly reminiscent of the less polished records from that musical wave, The Howl's songs and their interest for textural details are entirely their own. You can see them live at never-heard-before venue Idio Gallery on January 15.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best punk/garage/DIY songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


4. Battle Ave - 7.66

Split geographically between Woodstock and Brooklyn, Battle Ave is a band that also suffer from split personality disorder, as you can easily realize from the opening track of their sophomore 2015 LP "Year of Nod," whose eery video we premiered not long ago. here at The Deli, of course, we dig that, because most great rock'n'roll records aren't normal, and most talented people desperately need a shrink.


HONORABLE MENTIONS - (Score above 7):

VaureenGillianHUFF THIS!The Stewart DollyDear ComradeThe Deafening ColorsTeeth PeopleThe Motor Tom

See you soon with another category!

The Deli Folks


A Deli NYC premiere: Battle Ave's video for "Aleph"

Sometimes, random circumstances make a video, or a song, or a movie, particularly significant for the times we are living. Watching this simple, beautifully shot video for single "Aleph," by dark pop band Battle Ave, we immediately started longing for snow, while wondering if we'll ever experience it again in NYC - after an insanely warm fall and a week in December with temperatures averaging 60 degrees. But the development of the video's story line also introduced another extremely current, even more stirring issue, related to carrying weapons, the temptation to actually use them, and the endless regret coming after that. But then again, on top of these already powerful thoughts, came the realization that this is a song about solitude and the insanity it can potentially trigger: the track develops along comfortingly catchy electric guitar arpeggios and an orderly rhythm section, but Jesse Alexander's subtly deranged vocal tone bears and almost announces the seed of madness, in a pop environment that, otherwise, almost exudes domestic tranquility. This paradox is eerily reminiscent of the strident familiarity screamed by the images of the house of the San Bernardino terrorists, and in particular the absurd and disturbing thought of a young couple, teaching their six month old "manners" from a book, a few hours before committing a mass murder...

As disturbing as art like this might be, when it's this well executed, it's certainly more powerful and intellectually rewarding than your average escapist pop - even though recent episodes certainly contributed in making this video more relevant (the song was released in May 2015, as part of the band's debut full length "Year of Nod"). Our feeling is that our times require a renewed attention to reality, and that art should serve that purpose.

P.S. Battle Ave is mostly based in upstate NY, but their NYC based drummer makes them eligible for coverage in this blog.


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