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Live Review: Steady Holiday at The Satellite 1/5

At one point Dre Babinski joked if The Satellite's audience could tell all her songs were in 6/8. The singer-songwriter sat snugly in her throne, a pistachio wing-back that contrasted sharply with the fireburst guitar in her hands. Softened by the acoustic hum of Bedouine and slightly inebriated, fans and friends threw their reactions to the stage, but Dre was unaffected. Her cool composure and glaucous coordination spun webs from Steady Holiday's soon-to-be-released debut Getting There — it was hard to move while songs like "Your Version of Me" persisted, even for the photographers. And at each definitive end, the cheers and applause reinforced our belief that even the softest voice can speak volumes under the right light, even on a Tuesday night.

See Steady Holiday perform again at the end of this month for Bootleg Theater's GIRLSCHOOL Fest and stay tuned for the slated release of Getting There. Check out pictures from the night on our Instagram @TheDeliLA- Ryan Mo, photo by Michelle McCausland

Live Review: Ghost Noise at Non Plus Ultra 12/05

On Saturday, the Ghost Noise album release party drew together acts with unparalleled vigor under one roof, moved by the currents of Wes Johansen and KXLU's Mukta Mohan, and the familiar musk of leather jackets and alcohol.

Intimatchine pulled Non Plus Ultra in with its dreamspun pulsations. Once close, Chelsey Rae Holland passed a vial of holy water to the audience, and sat amongst them as she sang. Jessica Nicole Collins' channelled BERU's "Adult Emotions" with her brother and sister-in-law, clad in skull mask and gold leopard jumpsuit. In the spirit of '80s dance, they ended with a cover of Laura Branigan's "Self Control". Josh Dean, Gawby Moon, and John Connolly brought the party to midnight in noise-droning end with songs from their debut and their sophomore release Our Heaven of Darkness.

In loving memory of their friends and family and fans, the trio performed "Amethyst" as an encore special — the first song they'd ever written as a band.

Our Heaven of Darkness is available for stream and purchase on the Ghost Noise Bandcamp. You can find more pictures of the Ghost Noise album release party on our Instagram @TheDeliLA. Thanks to BoredToDeath for producing. - Ryan Mo, photos: Michelle McCausland


Ghost Noise to release second full-length Our Heaven of Darkness

After months juggling studio time, rehearsals, and shows across California, Los Angeles darkwave trio Ghost Noise will release the follow-up to their 2013 debut This is the Next Part of Your Dream.

Our Heaven of Darkness, the full-length recorded through 2014 and produced in part with Jessica Nicole Collins (BERU)and Jöseph Solomön Calleirö, comes out this week on December 5th.

The Deli reached out to Ghost Noise about what fans new and old can expect from Our Heaven of Darkness. "We're exploring a lot of darker tones on this album," says Gawby Moon. 

John Connolly adds, "It’s an album born out of a lot of hurt. These are the most deeply personal songs we’ve ever written."

Ghost Noise and BoredToDeath are hosting a record release show at Non Plus Ultra with Intimatchine and BERU. The evening will be complete with visual projections by Wes Johansen, vinyl grooves from KXLU's Mukta Mohan, and delectables by Joshua Ploeg. You can also catch an early show this Thursday at The Smell with Band Aparte and Parallax Scroll. Listen to the lachesist "Farther and Fainter", the second single from Our Heaven of Darkness, below. - Ryan Mo

Experimental singer/songwriter BERU released nostalgic EP “Adult Emotions”

Like the sound explorers Keiji Haino and Vashti Bunyan, Jessica Nicole Collins has channeled complex moods through BERU's stream-of-consciousness applique since her 2006 year-end single "Spaces In Time". Her live engineered sound collages would completely envelop venues and listeners, emanating existential themes and affectations of world-weariness. But her newest EP “Adult Emotions” is different.

“For this EP, I wanted to make music with sounds that I've loved since I was a child.”

Just as the title suggests, BERU’s newest collection is mature in conception: dense and measured, wistful and purgative. But the songs are also an eidetic recollection of innocence in the eye of loss.

“One of my best friends passed away last year, and I needed to set my emotions to music from a time before I knew pain like this. I have to sing about my loss, so I can look at it from the outside and try and understand it.”

She tags the release with descriptors like “island goth”, “smooth rock”, “newage”, and “doom metal”, and rightfully so — these influences, and more, are abound in each of the six songs. Collins recites ‘90s adolescence by memory, from Yucatan pan flutes, Miami Vice, “the chillest of beats Enigma used,” and Bryan Adams’ suave guitar-lead auras.

BERU’s EP “Adult Emotions” is available now, free to stream on Bandcamp. Her next performance will be on December 5th, to help celebrate the sophomore album release of Los Angeles’ synthpop/goth trio Ghost Noise at Non Plus Ultra. Watch the music video for "Darker Currents", directed by Michael Norquest, below. - Ryan Mo

Darkwave trio Ghost Noise starts Pehrspace residency in May

The Portuguese have a word that translates to an emotional state of great nostalgia and melancholy: saudade. In Los Angeles, we have a band called Ghost Noise, and we think they work just as well.

The trio draws from wells of sorrowful sentiment to drive their sound, reminiscent of goth-rock, post-punk, and darkwave bands in the 80’s. But beneath the pastiche of lipstick pickups and Korg patches, there’s a greater force at work. The DIY ethic that propels the group has helped them to travel and thrive from Santa Monica to San Luis Obispo. The members are heavily involved in the local music scenes, managing the music/arts collective Mountair and contributing to other homespun organizations on their spare time.

Ghost Noise’s live sets are intimate and decorative: set designs incorporate flowers, lighting, and film backdrops to immerse the audience. They perform throughout California, venturing as far north as Fresno and as far south as Murrieta to house parties and burlesque shows alongside acts like Cruelty Code, Kirilov, and Post Life. Their debut album, THIS IS THE NEXT PART OF YOUR DREAM, was recorded and produced by Josh Solomon (Young Lovers/REVERB LITE) and released on Ritual Tapes in August 2013. Ghost Noise will take up residency at the DIY venue Pehrspace through May, and play across California regions in June. Their follow-up album will be produced by Jessica Nicole Collins (BERU). Listen to their debut single “Amethyst” below. - Ryan Mo


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