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The Unending Thread releases new video, flexes for AMP vs. AMP Deathmatch 2/04

SFV's raw modal-soul polymaths The Unending Thread have released a video to "La Casa De Mi Padre", the second song to their split EP with Forget It — which is out and free to stream, by the way. Cooped up at the Henhouse Studio (confimed that Julian Tallman-Rogatini raises chickens), the trio delve into lyrical self-actualization and drool-worthy double-tapping that splashes near-obscene amounts of color over the grisaille landscape of the forseeable future.

"I know I don't know anything | And that's the best part of this journey that hasn't happened yet"

Like, if someone were to make a Youtube AMV for Over The Garden Wall, it would be criminal not to use this song.

On a more serious note, The Unending Thread faces off with Forget It at The Smell on February 4th's "AMP vs. AMP Deathmatch" where the two bands will celebrate the Los Angeles release of their split EP by performing songs and piledrivers on each other. The trash talk surrounding Dustin and the Explosions, Haricort Vertt (fka Josh Abrahms), Love Nothing and Ferbus also comes to a head — there will be blood, or at least some drawn-out carnage. Expect an obscene amount of chairs, tables, ladders, and maybe even a kendo stick to be pulled from under the stage. - Ryan Mo

The Unending Thread x Forget It. announces split EP, shows & singles

It's the day after Christmas, and Valley friends The Unending Thread are hitting us with another present — they've been collaborating with new Berkeley four-piece Forget It. on a split EP "TUT // FORGET IT", and today they dropped a new single! Forget It.'s "Not Everything Is About Me" follows last week's release "Dearest Anna" with showers of twinkle and the screams of hoarse men, plus an introspective adage courtesy of Bojack Horseman. The Unending Thread's "Dearest Anna", which premiered on MAT Magazine, marks the trio's stylistic shift to territories redolent of dance-rock. Don't fret though; them boy-girl vocals, double-tap riffs, and funk licks are still kicking.

"TUT // FORGET IT" comes out January 15th, 2016, with release shows happening in the Bay and LA. It's a sick line-up on both fronts, but that goes without saying. - Ryan Mo

Jan. 10 — Octopus Literary Saloon (Oakland) with Just Friends, Sarchasm, The Unending Thread, Lawn Chairs

Feb. 4 — The Smell (Los Angeles) with The Unending Thread, Love Nothing, Ferbus, Josh Abrams, and Dustin and the Explosions

The fourth wall exists in Ferbus' new track "Four Word Song Title"

The twinkle is strong in Ferbus, a relatively new emo-rock band of Oklahoma City transplants and Los Angeles natives. First single they ever put out, "Explain Yourself", featured halcyon instrumentals and the deep baritone voice of Henry Dillon, which strangely makes me reflect on King Krule's absence. And the newest single "Four Word Song Title" resonates American Football angularities with opaque lyricism — a bit of a downer journey through textures dense and sparse.

Played against the backdrop of Los Angeles' winter, it has a slight warming effect, makes the winds bite just a bit less.

Ferbus are making their way through LA's music circuit, and they've already hit up DIY venues like Bridgetown and the HiFi Deli with bands such as Twin Peaks and Slow HollowsHeads up for the release their self-titled debut December 11 through Danger Collective Records — these guys are making plans for a release party on the same date. Stream "Four Word Song Title" below. - Ryan Mo


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