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A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog Keeps Making the Best Music Videos About the Nature of Rock & Roll

A Giant Dog is a white hot indie rock and roll band right now. That, if you hadn't noticed, is pretty rare these days, when subgenre is king, and when just so much has already been done in the genre that "authentic" and "unique" are terms that instantly raise hackles. But, with new video "Sleep When Dead," which follows right on the heels of their deeply good video for "Sex & Drugs," A Giant Dog have obviously plugged right into that elusive current of pure rock and roll electricity that has always powered the real, true good stuff.

Filmed in the iconic Old Austin venue Carousel Lounge, "Sleep When Dead," like "Sex & Drugs" before it, is a sonic blast of the band's gleefully, irreverently mature take on rock and roll, depicting a troupe of veteran rock weirdos getting down like only those kind of people can, with a bit of an Ugly Duckling, the Punk Version plot thrown in.

What A Giant Dog is doing with this recent music, being rock vets themselves, is pretty awesome, and difficult. They're writing manic, thundering rock songs that are thoroughly self-conscious and make the culture and performance of the very thing they're doing in the song the subject of the song. Doing that without getting cliché, pretentious or losing the feeling of being an actually good song outside of its subject is incredibly hard.

To maintain that kind of balance, you have to be living on that edge between the wisdom and refinement of maturity and the youthful freneticism that is the spirit that rock was born of, and considering their recent output both aesthetically and in regards to subject, that sweet spot of rock is right where A Giant Dog is living, and thriving, right now. They can do that, because, as a band that's been active for 8+ years, they've seen it all, and now they're pumping that back out to you in a head-bangingly enjoyable package.

Check out the new video before, and see "Sex & Drugs" here. They're both well worth it, and will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for a good long while.

A Giant Dog and John Valley Release Frantic Glittery Video for "Sex & Drugs"

John Valley is on a roll. The local videographer and producer recently made two stellar videos for Sweet Spirit with “Baby Doll” and “Baby When I Close My Eyes," and John's kept the momentum rolling with his work on another equally captivating video, this time “Sex & Drugs”  just released by A Giant Dog. The video portrays the band as wintery minstrels stuck in a snowglobe at the mercy of a maniacal child who wreaks havoc by violently shaking the globe, a subtle allusion to the song’s lyrical theme of lost youth. Valley seems to relish in creating videos that portray the beautiful, glamorous, and alluring, and he then injects diabolical twists that turn the picturesque quickly awry. The track here is a lot of fun as well, very punchy and self-aware indie with a punkish vibe and a nonstop, frantic drive that is one to really jam out to, and hard. It's an excellent showing from both band and Valley, and it's a perfect example of what a music video really should be. Check it out below.


Lee Ackerley


A Giant Dog headline Cheer Up Charlies On August 16th

 A Giant Dog has one foot in punk, another in indie pop, and two fists in the air.  Their melodies are ferosciously catchy, popping out with a supremely bright energy akin to The Stooges while Sabrina Ellis-Gibb's vocals come out strong and true.  Not to mention their live shows are full of energy, which is why we're suggesting you attend their show at Cheer Up Charlies on August 16th.  Stream "Lady Slut," a track from their most recent release, Bone, below.  -Jake Saunders


Sweet Spirit

When Bobby Jealousy called it quits a few months ago, fans were left scratching their collective heads.  But before there was a chance to mourn, enter Sweet Spirit.  Sabrina Ellis' newest and possibly best group to date. Combining all the urgency and attitude of Ellis' punk outfit A Giant Dog and all the catchy, pop-perfection of Bobby Jealousy, Sweet Spirit is everything we hoped would come next.  It doesn't hurt that Ellis may be the best frontwoman in town.  Recorded material is limited to the recently released "Let Me Be On Top" featured below.  You can catch Sweet Spirit in all their glory on April 20th at Hotel Vegas with Mellowphant and Dumb.  - Andy Bianculli 


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