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Get a post-Christmas punk cure from Xurs tonight

 The day after the Christmas is like a hangover from joy; hours upon hours spent entranced in a material or substance induced high can grow exhausting after awhile. If the cheerful spirits and gift-caused joy were a bit too much to handle yesterday, there's a bill of the most furious punk to help quell that overdose on annoyed happiness. 

Prepare to have your face melted later tonight, as newer "weirdo-punk" outfit Xurs take over the High Dive along with the gruff vocality of New Bloom and Meridian's noisiness. It's the best way to gain back all the energy that was sucked out of your soul by too much family time and mass food consumption yesterday. For under $10, it's a small price to pay to feel again.


NYC Synth Pop bands on the rise: Meridian

Somewhere between Prince and Def Leppard, NYC group Meridian is a fuzzed-out, synth-laden, soulful tribute to 80's soundtracks and acid-washed denim. Their sound washes over you and lifts you into the ether with invigorating melodies and thoughtful songwriting.  The video for their lush summer jam “Magic” (streaming) shows principal songwriters Yohimbe Sampson and Bradley Valentin on a mystical quest through the haunting menagerie of Brooklyn’s subconscious gauntlet. Replete with painted angels, shadow-drenched choreography, and jaw-dropping costume design, it will certainly leave you spellbound.  Visit their site for a free album download! - BrokeMC


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