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Michael Vidal

Pehrspace hosts Pehrathon: 36 hours of music before venue's closure

Southland's music communities say farewell to the much-loved and respected venue Pehrspace at 325 Glendale, which will be demolished on August 4th. The venue is hosting a 36-hour Pehrathon to go on all through Saturday and Sunday as a final effort to raise funds for relocation. The farewell celebration features many long-time musicians connected with the venue, with concert blocks curated by Michael Vidal, KChung Radio, L.A. Takedown, Slow Rose, The International Adventure Club, Fourth Fridays with Mary & Eli, and Young Lovers—over 20 artists are slated to perform.

In a panel discussion last week with organizers of DIY venues The Smell, Pacific Nature, and Bridgetown, Pehrspace manager Pauline Lay lightly mentioned the prospect of attaining non-profit status as Pehrspace searches for its next brick-and-mortar location to call home. In the month leading up to its imminent closure, the music and arts space has hosted benefit concerts and an auction and moving sale to help with costs for relocation. Artpunk tenants TrapsPs even opened up their last practice to friends and fans earlier in the week at Pehrspace. In its ten years of existence, Pehrspace has fully supported creative expression and become a powerful hub for DIY music, art, film and more. Sliding scale donations will be in place for this last event ($10-$20); consider further donating to Pehrspace's GoFundMe for its relocation and continued existence.

Julius Smack releases Tomb Songs, release party tonight at pehrspace

Less than a year since his last album Ghost, the animated avant-pop statue Julius Smack releases Tomb Songs, a collection of works expressing the individual pains of the post-industrial world. The San Francisco transplant's effete voice swims through isopropyl synths, reappropriated samples, and layered drums to create maximalist narratives ("Poetics I") as dance-y as they are contemplative. Catch Julius Smack as he performs at pehrspace tonight with Practical Records siblings Michael Vidal, Lucky Dragons, Grand Lady Dance House, and Mo Dotti. - Ryan Mo

Rending ears with Riverside's harshest coldwave group Cruelty Code

Out in Riverside, Graeme Crane, the owner of the limited-run Salope Cassette label, has been busy for the past few years pushing out tapes of hard-to-find artists. It's good stuff; local acts that don't get nearly as much exposure as their PR-privileged peers, yet carry strong Internet cult followings.

Graeme's also programming/vocals in the coldwave group Cruelty Code, with keyboardist Kevin Martin (ex-Apathean, Eisenhower), bassist Derek Page (The Victoriana), and guitarist Jack Montgomery (ex-Contraciel). Their aloof and meme-friendly Facebook demeanor tends to precede their sound. Listener be warned: this is harsh, ominous, and emancipating — a stereoscopic experience of 80's dystopic overscoring and lo-fi recordings cut with adulterants. Mixed with acts like Ghost Noise, Band Aparte, Crisis Arm, and Michael Vidal, and you're pretty much guaranteed a dissociative evening via sensory overload.

Catch them at the next hidden warehouse show with Crescendo and Foliage this Halloween. - Ryan Mo

Michael Vidal performs at Amoeba Hollywood free tonight

DIY singer/looping-guitarist Michael Vidal, formerly of Abe Vigoda, will perform at the famous Amoeba Records in Hollywood tonight for free. The occasion: his Dream Center EP, originally released as a cassette in 2013 via Big Joy Records, got a refresher after joining Couple Skate Records earlier this month.

In his recent Amoeba interview with Crystales' guitarist Billy Gil, Vidal talked about the re-release of Dream Center EP on Couple Skate Records, his growth in songwriting, guitarplaying influences, and his upcoming record which will be produced by fellow drummer Michael Tabor, and touted to be his "best material yet."

We'll eagerly await more news of that. In the mean time, you can stream Dream Center on Spotify and find it in select record stores or online at Couple Skate Records. Catch Michael at Amoeba Hollywood at 6 PM! - Ryan Mo


Spanish surf shoegaze-y Crystales performing tonight at Pehrspace

Crystales are a band from Highland Park sporting that ‘60s beach vibe with fuzzy facial hair and fuzz pedals. Brothers Nick and Billy Gil go halfsies on guitar and vocals while Jason Hanakeawe and Tony Infante keep the crew rocking. Splashing through C86 guitar tones with just the right amount of reverb and kicking down walls of sound, Crystales have shimmered through Los Angeles and Pasadena nights with Roses, Michael Vidal, and Hyacinth Girl.

Join them tonight at Pehrspace as they open for Young Lovers’ night of residency with Echophonix and Judy Gloom, and next weekend at Make Music Pasadena. Listen to “I Don’t Care” below. - Ryan Mo


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