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Aetheric Improvisations at Vermillion tonight

 Table and Chairs is Seattle’s experimental jazz label that has brought us the way out Bad Luck; the prog-power ballads of Heatwarmer, and ever changing Racer Sessions. Tonight they present to us the electronic edition of their second Wednesdays at vermillion series currated by David Balatero of Sister Girlfriend who has assemble an impressive roster of Seattle's finest improvisers. 

 Raica weaves pushy bass lines through electronic caverns, while stalac-pipe organs drip murky sounds onto the dance floor. White noise precipitates past our senses from the thick atmosphere, and light dissipates on the damp walls of our eardrums. She encourages the listener to take their time developing and evolving with her while she sets the stage for a subtle climax much like Daphne Oram’s outer explorations and the moonscapes of ‘Electronic Meditation’ –era Tangerine Dream.

 While, Mood Organ marries the electronic harps of Ash Ra and a heft of FM synth funk, (minus a hand clap), Timm Mason’s solo efforts are more akin to the dense atmospheres of Popul Vuh and other musik kosmiche of that era. Curious to see the pairing with Kaori Suzuki, who uses her own custom built synthesizers to get to frequencies we weren’t quite sure existed prior to hearing them. Her company Magic Echo Music has been producing uniquely crafted electronics for a while now. On MEM’s website Kaori reports: “We'll be using the MEM CICCS as a shared interface between the two of us. It will be part XOR logic guessing game, Rainforest-esque feedback and I don't know what else?”

 And to round out the evening is Newaxeyes; who summon glitch-hop guitar lullabies that battle against cold the machinations of sampled drum pads.  Their recent 12” release, ‘Assange/Church,’ wouldn’t be out of place in-between the post rock scriptures of Constellation records and the swagger of ‘Yesterdays New Quintet.’ Though impossible to peg and ever evolving out of chaos, Newaxeyes carve out the notch in our record collections that we’ve been waiting to be filled. Go buy it now.

 The experiments sound off at Vermillion Gallery tonight at 8PM


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