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Stars Algonquin


This indie rock band based in Toronto has a very earthy name...Stars Algonquin and their tunes have a sense of nature to them. There is an Americana influence heavily weaved into the alt-rock sounds however the vibes lead you to the northern wilderness rather than anything in the USA. Their new record "Keep On Dreaming" was released in December 2016 featuring 6 tunes that could be the theme songs for your next road trip. Available on their bandcamp page. - Kris Gies

Stars Algonquin Glide Along With "One Million Stars EP"

 Fresh in the Toronto scene, Stars Algonquin play an easy goin' kinda rock n' roll. They just released their debut EP "One Million Stars" late November. The track "Everything is Blue" has a laid back 70's feel to it; the harmonies could be straight from the 70's for all I know. It's almost ELO meets Boston. These guys must have afros. Along with the classic vocals, the tune features some groovy bass lines in the verse and spacy guitar licks in the chorus. Cool tune. The next track "July 13" has a slow intro that turns into a straight up pop rocker that picks the pace up a bit. Sounds like it could have landed on Tom Petty's Wildflowers record, and I hear some Sloan influence in the chorus too. It's a nice, catchy, jangly track. This band is brand new, so check their facebook page for upcoming shows and other news.

Kris G


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