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Vomitface celebrates debut album release at Alphaville on 8.28

Vomitface formed shortly after Hurricane Sandy when two of its members found themselves trapped in their home writing songs about their depressing surroundings, and released two EPs in 2014 and 2015. Evoking the sounds of Nirvana and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the lead single off their upcoming album “Senior Pictures” is a sludgy grungy track that features crunchy spastic guitars over a steady rhythm section. Front-man Jared Micah delivers lines like “I like the subtle way you roll your eyes” in a deadpan tone before erupting into a raw and gritty scream during the song's final seconds. The trio recently released a music video for the song directed by Jimmy Fontaine and Nick Bilardello. It depicts the group rocking out in a gritty warehouse setting and on the rooftop of a New York City building, through uneven camera movements that match their angsty brand of rock. Vomitface’s debut full length Hooray For Me will be released on August 26th via Help Yourself Records, and they will be celebrating its release on August 28th at Alphaville in Brooklyn! Stream their latest single Dramamine below! - John Honan

Lots of noisy/dreamy emerging NYC bands at Baby's All Right tomorrow afternoon (01.09)

Our friends at OhMyRockness are organizing, together with and at Baby's All Right, a solid afternoon of local bands on Saturday 01.09 (tomorrow). We blogged about most of them recently so we'll let their music speak in this Minilogs compilation! In the picture, Dreamcrusher.

Vomitface unveils "Never Make It" from "Another Bad Year" EP + tours the west coast

In the best punk tradition, with their upcoming EP "Another Bad Year" (scheduled for a May 12 release) Brooklyn noise makers Vomitface show us that they are not quite ready to look at the bright side of things just yet. Preview single "Never Make It" (whose title, together with the EP's one, brings a much needed ray of... dispair to our oh so accomplished lives - thanks guys!), adds to their grungy noise rock sound an industrial-funk component, reminiscent of Gang of Four or even a version of Primus without Les Claypool (if that's even conceivable). The semi-dissonant chorus straightens things up rythmically, only to reaffirm, once and for all, the band's not so optimistic tendencies: "I guess I will never get it, never make it / I could try to suck it up and smile and fake it / what I need is just a shallow hole to crawl in." All the kids who were subject to overly positive parenting may find here some help in letting out their repressed negativity, through the cathartic power of rock'n'roll.

Vomitface will tour the west coast in April and return to Brooklyn on May 7th at Shea Stadium.


Weekly Feature: Vomitface lands January residency at Cake Shop

Vomitface formed to improve the local music scene. The trio's brand of self-proclaimed “black-surf” (to which we'd add “grungy, sludgy rock goodness”) comes across searingly in its new, self-titled EP. The noisy provocateurs, who recently played one of The Deli's B.E.A.F. shows, has just landed a January 2015 residency at Cake Shop. We had the chance to ask Jered Micah (vocals/guitar), Keller McDivitt (bass) and Preemta Singh (drums) about origins, passions, and why they do what they do.

Read Michael Haskoor Interview with Vomitface.


JP's CMJ 2014 Day 1: Vomitface, PC Worship, Broken Water, GHXST, Calvin Love, The Mystery Lights, O.J. Pimpson, Dream Police, Echo Bloom

This is my first time covering CMJ. I’d attended in the past, but never with an actual agenda. It’s overwhelming from the get-go. Having an under-established or unclear schedule is like being in a life raft with no oars, in the middle of the ocean. Alone. I made an all too familiar mistake from step one, getting in the artists’ line to pick up my press badge. It was a bit of a wait, but I met a cool dude from a band called Echo Bloom, who calmed my nerves (his band's music excels at that too, see track below), as I was afraid of missing the first showcase I wanted to see, only to find out at the end of said line, that I didn’t have to wait at all. The press booth line was just about non-existent, and the performer booth was kind of spilling over, giving the illusion of two separate lines. What the hell. This kind of set the tone for the day. - Keep reading JP Basileo's CMJ Music Marathon 2014 Day 1 report.



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