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New Slaughter Beach, Dog EP Available for Streaming & Download

Slaughter Beach, Dog, a.k.a. Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball, released his first LP, Welcome, earlier this fall via Lame-O Records. He also has a new two-song EP, Ring Ring Ring, to pull from for his set this evening at Everbody Hits, which will be the kickoff to his mini-tour with Abi Reimold. You can check out Slaughter Beach, Dog's latest orginal, "104 Degree," and Songs: Ohia cover, "Just Be Simple," off 2003's Magnolia Electric Co., below.

Exmazed brings dreamy industrial to Shea Stadium on 12.01

Integrating musical genres that have little in common is always a fun experiment, and NYC's male/femal duo Exmazed, with their blend of industrial rock and dream pop, seem to be up to something. Their only single currently available for streaming combines clangy, mechanical and anguishing arrangements with sampled shrieks of distorted guitar feedback and ethereal female vocals. The latter add an enjoyable melodic element to the bleak musical background, but very little solace, conjuring up an atmosphere that's as sci-fi as it is nightmarish - something that would work perfectly as a soundtrack for a movie like Blade Runner, or - say - NYC post-November 8, 2016. Exmazed will be performing at Alphaville on December 1st, opening for Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart. The nightmarish future has arrived, we may as well embrace it and celebrate it! On the bill also another female fronted, local electronic band called Noia, they are worth checking out.


Brenda bring their lo-fi psych garage to Silver Dollar on Dec 3rd

Garage rockers Brenda put a lo-fi psych spin on their jarring tunes. They find a lot of joy in noise and dissonance, but their songs are still catchy in their own burnt out way. Back in April, the band released a couple of songs that introduced us to their frenetic sound. "ICU" is a plucky tune that screeches into a hypno-heavy finale, while “Sally’s Spit” brims with raw, chaotic energy. The band begs to be heard live. Lucky for us, they're playing a show on December 3rd at the Silver Dollar with Magic Shoppe, B-17, and Dong Vegan.


Krust Toons: "Grab Her by the Krusty" by Tedd Hazard

Krust Toons: "Grab Her by the Krusty" by Tedd Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at teddandthehazards@gmail.com if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


New Track: "Dripping Eyelids" - Creepoid

If your ass is dragging this Monday, then Creepoid's latest single, "Dripping Eyelids" (available for streaming at Brooklyn Vegan), probably isn't going to snap you out of these Monday/post-election blues. But fuck it! Who feels like working these days anyways? The band is getting set to release its new four-song EP Burner (WavePOP Records), and you can party down with the gang this Friday, November 25 at the group's favorite "clubhouse" Kung Fu Necktie. Bring weed!


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