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New Track: "Body" - Roya

“Body” is featured on Egg, the new EP from Roya. The track emerges out of whispering vocals and guitar strums as a lo-fi buzz fills out the room. The momentum/strength builds as the line “so just try to pretend like you don't know my body” is emphasized and repeated, becoming a mantra of sorts. Whether the song is a monologue directed at an individual, who isn’t listening, or represents a separation or conflict between one’s thoughts and physical being, there’s a magnitude in its simplicity.

Telefones' "Castle Factory" is a new gritty jam

 I felt myself start to head-bang in the powerhouse-intro of Telefones "Castle Rock", which says something. It's fascinating when the recorded music of a punk rock band accurately replicates what they must sound like live. This is no small feat- trying to convey the sound of a dark, sweaty venue, gritty guitars battling with the vocals and having a riff-off with the drum kit, IN HEADPHONES, is nearly impossible. Or so I thought. Telefones seems to have mastered the art of punk rock recording, so for them I'll take my hat off. Keep your ears open for their 7" record, which comes out 9/21. -Geena Kloeppel



reality something's "Life Noise" is lofi alt-rock at its finest

Aesthetically and sonically, reality something are so intentional and consistent that it almost doesn't line up with the genre: lo-fi alt rock. The band is fronted by Elena Franklin, whose vocal timbre instantly reminded me of the B-52s. reality something recorded their debut at guitarist Kingsley Brock's home studio, which gives the record the grit and fuzz characteristic of the genre, but organically. That's the thing about this band: their songs are arranged well and the instrumental textures are locked in, but it isn't because of 'studio magic,' it's because at their core, reality something are excellent musicians. Be sure to catch them live at Exit/In on 9/6. -Geena Kloeppel


New Dani in Public EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Candidly speaking one’s mind, backed by electro-beats that are catalysts to dancing in a daydreaming state, Dani in Public exudes an earnest kinetic energy. On the Left & Right EP, Dani delves into the nonstop process of self-evaluation. Seamless welding of spoken-sung words into fluid motion, there’s an ability to process personal challenges with a soulful honesty and a lyrical sharpness that hits the mark head on.

Wake Up, SFV Fest Moved Amidst Venue Closure

On August 31st, the music school, retail shop, and de facto DIY venue White Oak Music & Arts will shutdown indefinitely due to continued noise complaints from neighbors. In light of this situation, the annual locals event Wake Up, SFV has been moved, and there will be no further known shows held at the venue for the remainder month.

White Oak (WOMA for short) has been a staple venue of the San Fernando Valley since 2013, picking up the torch when another DIY venue, Cobalt Crane, closed its doors. Headed by two individuals Carlos Costa and Evan Lindley, WOMA has been the stomping grounds for many Valley-based music collectives like [Redacted], TwoHearts Shows, MVMNT Presents, Dog the Cat, Vale Records, and more. Despite being a nexus for the 818 to cultivate musical talent and communities, repeated acts of littering, loitering, and rowdiness prompted residents to take their complaints up with the local authorities and landlord, according to a detailed Instagram post found in the tagged posts for #WOMAismyHOMA.

Wake Up, SFV, an all-ages music and art showcase, enters its sixth iteration this year and includes Valley veterans like The Unending Thread, Young Lovers, and Kid Cadaver. It will be held on September 1st at The Grand Palace in Arleta, CA. - Ryan Mo


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