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Electronic musician justindemus is preparing to release his a new double EP called “Pre/Post” on August 3rd. The first single from the EP is called “Sunlight” and it is somewhere between Darkwave and Synth Pop. Over the next few weeks leading up to the EP released, Justin will be sharing additional songs and videos for this new project.

You can catch justindemus at The Whistler for Free on July 21st.


Producer Garren Sean drops spectacular SUNDRIP EP & kicks off tour with Clairo

If you’re a big Chance the Rapper fan, then it’s time to take a step back and thank Garren Sean — the Bay Area producer who worked on “Smoke Break” as well as Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: Re-Wrapped. Where Sean really flourishes, though, is on his newest EP SUNDRIP. The eclectic project blends psychedelic (and occasionally grungey) sensibilities with catchy and modern electronica, creating something entirely fresh. Sean is at his best on tracks like “Psychedelic Soul” (streaming below), which give him the space to experiment with genre. The track is not only dance-friendly, but it’s a modern take on a groovy classic sound and shows a producer who is ready to take on the challenge of creating something completely new. Garren Sean is currently on tour with Clairo and will be back in San Francisco on August 16 for a hometown show at Brick & Mortar. - Lilly Milman

You Drive's first single "New" is like unwrapping a birthday present

 If you've been listening to Sylvan Esso lately, or perhaps Oh Wonder, or you just really like electronic music with thoughtful, evocative lyrics, you should be listening to You Drive's first single called "New." Beware- on first glance, "New" is disguised by its simplicity. But if you take apart each synth, each hit on the driving rhythm, and really listen to what singer Jasmine Kaset is trying to say, there's a depth and complexity that feels unparalleled in today's electronic music scene. You Drive's album is out August 3rd, and we'll be listening to all of it with the same devotion as "New." -Geena Kloeppel



Psymon Spine to bring experimental psychedelic jams to Elsewhere on 07.25

On the surface, Psymon Spine may not seem like the kind of band that plays spiritual music, but they are a spiritual group. According to the bio on their website, the PSY part of their name stands for psychedelic parts of their music, while the MON stands for the harmonious nature in which they traverse genres of the past, present and future. The SPINE stands for the interconnected nature of the music: the connecting tissue between the band and the listener. The bio reads like scripture and the music embodies faith. A faith that a combination of folk, classical, electronic, drone, and plain old rock music will actually meld into a cohesive vision. And for the most part, this faith pays off. The songs that consist of their 2017 album You Are Coming To My Birthday find the familiar elements of each genre and amplifies them so the constant genre shifts and blurred hypnosis they conjure up always feels natural, if not engaging. It’s music that plays off the expectation of the listener in the best way; it lulls them into a dream state before inverting that dream into a wholly new creation to illustrate the beauty in everything. You can stream their album below and see Psymon Spine play at Elsewhere on July 25. -Tucker Pennington

Jenn Champion shares raw and relentless new single, "Coming for You"

Jenn Champion's “Coming For You” has everything you’d ever want in a single - good friends, testimonial lyrics, visual captivating sequences, and aesthetically pleasing artwork. For five months, she worked with co-producer Brian Fennell (of SYNL) to create the synthesized masterpiece that was originally supposed to be a rock album, according to Champion. A lyrical genius, a statement I don’t throw around too often, but it adequately describes Jenn Champion and “Coming For You:” “tell me about the lines you fell for and tell me how they always break your heart.” Captivating, refreshing, soothing, jamming, ruthless, raw and relentless, Champion’s artistic capabilities are far past the point of no return. 

Single Rider, Champion’s forthcoming album, will be released this Friday, July 13. She will be performing at the Bootleg Theater on August 16 at 8:30, so throw some glitter on your face and show some support for this powerhouse. Kayla Hay


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