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Indie Rock

Nervous Dater releases 'A Hundred Beers' EP at Shea Stadium tonight (05.19)

The members of Nervous Dater are originally from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Colombia, but they currently each reside in a different borough of New York. The quartet bonded over a mutual love for Domino's pizza, Rick & Morty, and obscenity. The perfect formula for a marvelous band!Their latest EP, 'A Hundred Bees' was just released on May 13th, and while they’ve only been a band for just over a year, it shows a moture and confident sound. The group’s brand of indie rock features a blend of emo and punk tendencies; Rachel Lightner's vocals have an upbeat and sweet tone to them even when the issue tackled in the song is how happy people make her sick. Her poignant lyrics give the listener more to relish than just a catchy beat, and make their music all the more relatable. Nervous Dater will be playing Shea Stadium on May 19th in with two excellent Philly bands Thin Lips and Hurry. Check out the A Hundred Bees below!


Hollow Tapes

Hollow Tapes (formerly Groves) is the lo-fi work of Francis Shannon. He is releasing his latest EP, Tall, this Friday. The EP is well-crafted jangly-pop and shows a lot of promise leading into the LP that Shannon is currently working on.

Chameleon Culture play Thunder Road on July 7th

July 7th is your chance to catch the self-described "eclectic sonic-punch rock and experimental folk band," Chamelon Culture. The group prides itself on their ability to take the listener through a musical journey, constantly teetering between slow and mellow parts that seamlessly transition into high energy peaks, combined with sophisticated arrangements and intricate lyrics. Since their full-length album was released in January 2016, the band has being playing frequently in they home town of Boston, but recently also performed single dates in New York and Chicago. You can prepare for the upcoming show by taking a listen to their Bandcamp page, featuring catchy and pulsating songs like "Nothing Special," which opens with sparse strumming and is then layered with another guitar, before culminating in a huge punch of all the instruments playing at once. The music has very danceable and high energy moments, which is promising for a fun show. More infoand tickets can be found here

Captain Baby unveils video for 'Rainbow Reach'

We've sung the praises of NYC indie rockers Captain Baby quite often here at The Deli - check out this spread feature about them on the recent winter issue of our print magazine, or the various bits of coverage they had on this very blog. This is a band that has forged its own sound, and their new single 'Rainbow Reach,' whose video we are premiering below, is a confirmation of it. The song belongs to a forming collection of new tracks that will constitute the band's follow up to the excellent 2014 debut LP 'Sugar Ox.' 


Brooklyn punk staples The So So Glos Stream Upcoming Album 'Kamikaze'

Brooklyn punk band, The So So Glos are currently streaming their upcoming album Kamikaze on the A.V. Club, officially out on May 20th. This is the band’s fifth full length release, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down; their fast paced punk with catchy pop hooks keeps their sound as youthful and fresh as it was on their first record. “It uses spirituality, sarcasm & metaphoric ‘verbal shotgun shells’ as ammunition. It’s also a party drink, so drink up & enjoy.” - says frontman Levi Zaru about the record. The perfectly described “verbal shotgun shells” featured on tracks like “Going Out Swingin’” contribute to make this a super-fun punk record, complete with tongue-in-cheek humor and singalong choruses. Having grown up in Brooklyn, the members of The So So Glos have gone beyond being just a band, becoming involved in fostering the local DIY scene founding two all ages venues that have helped keep the DIY spirit alive in New York City: Shea Stadium and The Market Hotel (before it closed and recently reopened). The band will be kicking off their North American Tour in support of the new record on May 19th with The Dirty Nil and Big Up. Stream the track "Missionary" below!


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