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Indie Rock

Oakland's Daywave Plays SXSW 2016

Having only begun his journey in 2015, Jackson Philips left his pop band, Carousel, to become a solo instrumentalist under the name Day Wave. Drawing heavily from a Beach Boy’s sound that is tinged with new wave influences, Jackson Philips has created a lush atmosphere of music that exudes Summertime vibes. Although he has not released an official full-length album yet, there will definitely be some buzz around Day Wave at SXSW 2016. -From The Deli Magazine's Current SXSW Print Issue


LA bands seen at SXSW: Swimm

Chris Hess and Adam Winn of the psych-pop duo Swimm, have brought their unique beach breeziness and pensive lyrics from Florida to LA. The recently released, Beverly Hells, is a sun-drenched relaxing ride through a genre-bending soundscape. Lo-fi, surf-infused, indie has never been more emotive. Fluidity and weightlessness pervade their sound but their live performances are also as visceral as it can get, and their SXSW 2016 shows confirmed that.


New Music Video: "Walk Like An Egyptian" (The Bangles Cover) - Queen of Jeans

So often, your mom is your first and biggest fan, and while it might be natural, it’s often underappreciated. In Queen of Jeans's new video for their take on The Bangles classic "Walk Like An Egyptian," the group flips the script as their moms take center stage. Bob Sweeney captures the playful, heart-warming footage, showcasing how the moms can rock, while also returning the love. Queen of Jeans (and probably their biggest fans) will be at Ortlieb’s this Saturday, March 26, with The Morelings and The Stargazer Lilies. (Photo by Kelly Kurteson)

Pure, Unadulterated Indie Rock on Polymer's "Avery South"

True indie rock, with the focus on the rock, isn't as common in 2016 as it once was, but local band Polymer has been bucking that trend for the past few years with their brand of music that's all guitars, drums, vocals and little else. To some synth lovers, that description might sound negative, but we at The Deli think there's something to be said for a band that cuts itself down to the barest essentials needed and comes out of the studio with a finely prepared track. "Avery South" is fun and fast in the strumming, pure slacker in the vocals and lyrics, and has that good janglefuzz from your favorite 90s/2000s indie bands that you still jam all the time; in other words, it's good stuff for anyone into indie rock. Listen below, rockists of the hill country.



Bad Reed are a 4 piece alt-rock group from Brantford. They have an interesting mix up in their tunes. Their self titled EP was released in June of last year. The track "Punch It" has grungy guitars wailing away over top of a tight rhythm section but the synth and vocal work is what really stood out for me. The singer has some Grace Slick vocal action that's slightly mesmerizing. Add in the synth and your mind will be gently spinning throughout the track. A good mix of catchy and uniqueness coming from Bad Reed. You can see them LIVE at Homegrown Hamilton on Friday March 25th. - Kris Gies


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