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Lurk "Dark Humor"

Lurk have released a new single called "Dark Humor".This is the second single from their forthcoming EP, "Natural Causes", which is due out via Pure Noise Records on June 16th.

You can catch Lurk at Subt on June 24th with Bitter Thoughts, Demo Division, and Turquoise.

Photo by Andy Eclov


There's A Riot Goin' On: ShowBrain X Deli in Tompkins Square Park

 Flyer designed by Jewlee Trudden
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The former swampland known as Tompkins Square Park (TSP) first opened to the public in 1850 where less than a decade later a gathering of destitute LES-dwelling immigrants, devastated by the economic collapse of 1857, were violently attacked by coppers for protesting scarcity of jobs and food…

…then in 1863 TSP served as one of the staging grounds for the infamous Draft Riots, and in 1874 it witnessed the largest demonstration in NYC up to that point with 7,000+ workers protesting another devastating downturn, chased down and beaten like dogs by mounted police in what one observer called “an orgy of brutality”

…then in 1877 there was yet another not-so-civil disturbance in TSP with thousands of city residents gathered for a Communist rally calling for revolution with the National Guard sent in to crack heads...

…and then over a century later there was the legendary 1988 Tompkins Square Park Riot where homeless squatters, many pushed into poverty by drastic social cuts and gentrification, protested a new 1AM curfew…

…and then just the following year the fittingly named “Butcher of Tompkins Square Park” decapitated his live-in lover, boiled her head and supposedly fed it to park denizens as (unknown to them) yummy brain soup

…and heck just last weekend a ruckus was caused in the park by a woman who went on a random “hair pulling rampage” amongst unsuspecting parkgoers before causing some further destruction in the neighborhood…

…so far be it for us to attempt to claim TSP has never seen anything like what it’s about to witness tomorrow at the punk rock/generally heavy AF showcase (Sat. 6.9) in a teamup between the Deli Mag and the fittingly named ShowBrain Booking...

…but it *is* gonna be a wholly appropriate “orgy of brutality” in musical terms more likely to induce slam dancing and headbanging than hair-pulling or skull-crushing tho’ hey it’s TSP so you never know and don’t even ask about the soup’s secret ingrediant…

…cuz all that we’re legally responsible for is the super tasty bill featuring Joudy, InCircles, Tits Dick Ass, Slashers, and the super mysterious Cult of Chuck this Saturday afternoon (today!) from 1:30 to 6pm cuz you truly couldn't find five better entities to pay appropriate tribute to Tompkins Square Park's radical legacy as the true "People’s Park" than these five badass bands... (Jason Lee

Buggin "Concrete Cowboys"

Hardcore group Buggin has released their debut full-length, Concrete Cowboys. The album's most recent single is called "Snack Run", and is accompanied by the video below.

The group will be touring Europe later this month and will be performing the NYC at the The Tribes of Da Moon festival in August.


We Weren't Invited "WW3"

DIY Punk group We Weren't Invited recently released a new EP called "WW3". This is the second EP from the group this year follow-up January's "Flesh Vehicle Pt. 2".

We Weren't Invited is the work of Johnny Wynne (vocals), Isaac Rodriquez (guitar), Walker Wilson (drums), Clinton Coronado (bass) and Michael Locascio (guitar).

The band is currently on tour and will be returning home for a show at Beat Kitchen on July 26th.


Oscar Bait "Pocari Sweat"

Punk group Oscar Bait has released the second single, "Pocari Sweat", from their forthcoming EP, "It's Not Your Fault", which is due out on June 9th.

You can catch Oscar Bait at Beat Kitchen on June 9th with The What Gives, Burst and Bloom, and Everything Counts.


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