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Hardcore punks Closer release debut LP "All This Will Be" at Silent Barn on 01.19

NYC hardcore is alive and well if it can produce bands as ferocious and tight as Brooklyn's Closer, who are readying the release of their debut album "All This Will Be." Featuring members of Real Life Buildings, the trio has recently unveiled this video for single "Gift Shop," which reveals drummer vocalist Ryann Slauson's screaming talent and a group of skilled musicians who, within the format's overall preference for aggression and depair, are not indifferent to dynamic changes and sonic variety. See them live (with earplugs) at their NYC release party on Jaunary 19th at Silent Barn.


Get a post-Christmas punk cure from Xurs tonight

 The day after the Christmas is like a hangover from joy; hours upon hours spent entranced in a material or substance induced high can grow exhausting after awhile. If the cheerful spirits and gift-caused joy were a bit too much to handle yesterday, there's a bill of the most furious punk to help quell that overdose on annoyed happiness. 

Prepare to have your face melted later tonight, as newer "weirdo-punk" outfit Xurs take over the High Dive along with the gruff vocality of New Bloom and Meridian's noisiness. It's the best way to gain back all the energy that was sucked out of your soul by too much family time and mass food consumption yesterday. For under $10, it's a small price to pay to feel again.


Krust Toons: "Merry X-Mas" by Tedd Hazard

Krust Toons: "Merry X-Mas" by Tedd Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at teddandthehazards@gmail.com if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


Thunderpussy get in the holiday spirit with new track

It's Christmas Eve, it's snowing, and the big day of presents and family time is just some hours away. For many, Christmas is all they look forward to but for others, it's just another clock tick on the way to the end of the year. If you weren't warm with the spirit of Christmas before, let this holiday cover from Thunderpussy fill you up.

Their rendition of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," the Phil Spector classic originally sung by Darlene Love and known as the greatest rock n' roll Christmas song of all time as ranked by Rolling Stone magazine, keeps that hard romanticism alive. Whitney Petty's guitar playing has a heavier twang to it, but Molly Sides' vocals keep on the same emotive plane as Love's. If anything, Thunderpussy's version could go down as one of the greatest Christmas covers of all time. 

Thunderpussy likely won't be playing this cover live after tomorrow is over, but take your chances at it by catching them at their New Year's Eve soiree at the Showbox, with Industrial Revelation, KOLARS and other special guests. Give "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" a listen below. 

Ritual Humor delivers tribal post punk at Sunnyvale on 01.25

Tribal, gloomy and tense, the sound of NYC's Ritual Humor finds some solace in Celeste Carballo's warm vocals. The simple melodies and stern rhythm section take us back to the early day of post-punk, including the simple bass synth parts and overall droney tendencies - a sound many children of the late '70s/early '80s carry in their DNA. The band will be performing at Sunnyvale on January 25th, check out single "Red Tiger," streaming below.


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