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Chicago Best of 2015 Readers' Poll Results! 1. Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta, 2. Burnside & Hooker

The results for our Artist of the Year Readers' poll are in! We'd like to thank everyone who voted in support of their favorite artists, and congratulations to everyone who made the poll this year!

1. Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta (pictured above) was the fan favorite this year and for good reason. 2015 saw the Cumbia Jam band conquer SXSW and release a thrilling debut album, Dos Santos.


2. Burnside & Hooker was a close second in the reader's poll but had no less of an impressive year. 2015 saw this blues and jazz influenced Americana band release, All The Way To The Devil, their sophomore album after a sucessful Indiegogo campaign.


3. Andrew Sa & His Organic Sound released their debut concept EP, For Tonight, on December 1st, and their beautiful sound nearly avoids classification. This collective of talented musicians prides itself on simple and authentic music and that is clearly garnishing them a termendous amount of support.


4. Jude Shuma is at the forefront of a Psychedelic revival in Chicago and 2015 saw him release his debut EP, Insomnium on Tiny Meow Records.


5. The Bribes round out this year's Top 5 in the Reader's Poll with their refreshing vintage rock sound. The Logan Square band released their latest album, Nobody Got Anywhere, in 2015.


Again, congrats to everyone who was included! Our nominees went out of their way to promote the poll, and they certainly deserve your attention.

Thanks to everyone who shared and voted, and remember to keep an eye on the Deli year-round for all the freshest coverage on new music coming from Chicago!


The Lad Classic are a solid rock n roll band based right here in Toronto. Their sound brings ya back to the days of the real rockstar. They fit right in with Aerosmith, Kiss or Guns n Roses. In fact I think guitarist Ben Healey could probably teach Slash a few things. He can really shred. Josiah on drums holds a beat down like no other while Paul rips the vocals all the way up to the high notes. They have one EP currently available and all of the tracks were recorded plugged and unplugged. The highlight is definitely "Cadillac Jack" which they made a music video for too. They have a new release on the way in the coming months but you can see them LIVE this Saturday at the Rivoli. - Kris Gies


Daniel Eyes & the Vibes Invite You to Try Some "Dessert Cocaine"

Alright, it is time for you readers to get lost...in a good way. In a "lose your mind in melodic pleasures kind of way," in fact. The ability to do that nice thing is available to you, RIGHT NOW, because a local Austin band that has only been together since 2014 has gone and done it- just last month Daniel Eyes & the Vibe’s new EP release Sweet Dreaming released a four song EP with some mathy and delicious guitar from frontman Daniel Eyes, and you can listen to it here today.

This bluesy quartet has a good home here in Austin and their new output deserves a good listen in return. Single ‘Dessert Cocaine’ off of the new EP, for instance, is a perfect example of the 80s rock, blues pop sound that these cats have to offer, though maybe it's a bit more of a flashback than some of you bargained for, putting thoughts of desserts and cocaine and “setting you free” in your brain (you heathens).

You can check them out on Spotify and Facebook for tunes and show dates, or better yet, catch them at their next show at Stubbs BBQ in downtown Austin on February 20 at 10:30 after the O.A.R. concert. Tickets are $6 in advance at www.stubbsaustin.com and will go up soon, so don’t miss out on some great Austin music and go buy your tickets early!


Taylor Mangiameli

These Peaches

These Peaches released a new video for their song "So Glad" in honor of Valentine's Day. The track is taken from their 2015 release "Almost Heard The Ocean". These Peaches is primarily the work of Rich Klevgard and the video was directed by filmmaker Sonny Valicenti.


By definition Yeomans were attendants in a royal household...until now when Yeomas became one of my favorite rock bands in the GTA. They have top notch garage surf vibes. Influenced by The 13th Floor Elevators for sure and as far as more modern bands go I would compare them to the Allah La’s out of California. They have an EP available that was released in 2014. The opening track “Big Bikes” has some beautifully reverbed vocals and excellent surf guitar solos. “Elijah” takes you on a chilled out adventure to a beach....back in the 60‘s. Very nice psycadellia comin from this 3 piece. They even throw an instrumental at you just to make sure you’re awake. Easily one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a while. It’s worth spending money on. You can choose the price on their bandcamp page. Catch them live on Saturday at Bovine Sex Club with Flamingo Báy and Wine Lips. - Kris Gies


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