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Two Deli Sponsoerd parties at SXSW

Hey discerning eared people,

The Deli this year will sponsor two parties during SXSW:


The Music Tech Mashup Showcase is a two day/three stages event during SXSW's transition from Interactive Week to Music Week. Featuring a ton of great bands, brands, and emerging new technologies, the Mashup party celebrates the opportunities presented through the convergence of these industries.  Hosted by Shinobi Ninja and Coast to Coast Models & Events and presented by GreenShoeLace, HunnyPot, The Deli Mag and Planet Ill, this showcase will assemble the movers and shakers of these converging fields.

Artist shortlist: Shinobi Ninja, Vaxhaul Broadcast, McAlister Drive, Bamboo Shoots.




The Deli Magazine NY and CitizenMusic have teamed up to bring some of the best Alt Rock bands from New York to Austin for South By Southwest 2010! "NYC in ATX" will take place on Thursday, March 18, at Hyde Park Bar and Grill (South Location).

Music will begin prompty at 6pm!

Here's the kick-ass line up! 6.00: Blackbells
6:50: New Madrid
7:40: The Shake
8:30: Deadbeat Darling
9.20: Black Taxi

And, to make it rock even harder, it's FREE and ALL AGES. So, if you're heading down to SXSW or if you're already in Austin, come experience some of the greatest rock n roll, and best french fries [so we've been told] New York City has to offer!




Deli New England Showcase #2!


Deli New England is proud to announce a showcase for the ages. On Friday March 19th at the Armory Cafe, Dan Blakeslee, Brendan Hogan and Jenee Halstead come together to offer a sample of some of Boston's best folk. Blakeslee, a self-described "Artist Musician Type", designs the flyers for each show he plays (see above). He carries the non-nonsense attitude of Johnny Cash, while holding a soft Dylan-esque spirit. Hogan just celebrated the release of his first album, Long Night Coming in January which was well-received. You can read the interview we did with him HERE. Halstead teeters on the rural side of the folk spectrum. Like her influences, Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin, her songs are wise and saccharine with audible roots in the past. We are very excited to present these fine, fine musicians. Dan will be selling his art at the show as well. The Armory is a short walk from Davis Sq T stop on the Red line or Union Sq. There is free parking in the back of the building. It is a large white castle-type building. Can't miss it, just like you can't miss this show! 


Friday, March 19th - 7:30pm - Arts at the Armory Cafe - 191 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA - 7$ - All ages

--The Deli Staff


Joy Kills Sorrow @ Club Passim 3.13

Joy Kills Sorrow  is not an average of folk/Americana string-band. The band is known for genuinely incorporating swing-and-sway jazz rhythms with high-energy roots styles associated with American folk. The talent that makes up Joy Kills Sorrow ranges from the smokey voice of lead-vocalist Emma Beaton to the intense mandolin styling of Jacob Jolliff. A fantastic and fresh sound stemming from old school American sounds.They recently released Darkness Sure Becomes This City in February. Joy Kills Sorrow will be at  Club Passim this Saturday at 8pm. You can purchase tickets HERE.

--The Deli Staff


Interview with Danielle Doyle - CD release Sat 13th @ Lizard Lounge


Singer/Songwriter Danielle Doyle will be celebrating the release of her first album, The Cartographer's Wife, this Saturday the 13th at the Lizard Lounge. She will be playing with members for Garlic & Moonshine and The Flightless Buttress and many other local musicians.

Deli: What is one of your first memories of hearing music that really moved you?

Danielle Doyle: Josh Ritter has been my absolute favorite singer-songwriter for a very, very long time. For me, there's just no one out there doing it better right now. He's so incredibly talented. Seeing him live is life changing - I've never seen someone so happy, so passionate, so humble and appreciative of what he gets to do for a living. You see him live and you're like damn, I want that. So - I'm trying to.

Deli: When did you decide to go public with your art?

DD: When I was at Oberlin I founded and ran an open mic night at the music venue I worked at. I remember the first time I played, my friend in the audience gasped - a really, positive encouraging gasp. So I started playing every week. Thanks for gasping, Sam Sax.

Deli: Is the upcoming tour your first big tour? Are you excited about the CD release? What are the steps that lead you to this wonderful accomplishment?

DD: A whole lot of firsts for me - first CD and a huge CD release party at the Lizard Lounge, first tour. It's really exciting and I couldn't be happier. It's a lot of work but I really love all of it. I've taken a lot of classes at the Passim School of Music and I've interned and worked for some of my favorite artists' managers - so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing - but I'm learning every step of the way. As for the CD - I'm really happy with it. So many of my friends donated their time and their talent to making it happen and I couldn't have done it without them. Everyone who played on the album will be playing with me for my songs and playing with their respective bands throughout the night - and they're all fantastic!

Deli: What did you want to be when you grew up when you were a little kid?

DD: When I was little I would dress up and hide in the other room and I'd make my grandfather announce me: "Live from Las Vegas, it's Ms. Mary Mustard!" then I'd run in and sing and dance around their living room. So, I guess I'm doing pretty much the same thing now, except I think the songs I write are a little better now.

Deli: What are some "outside" influences on your songwriting? (i.e. pottery, Kubrick Movies, maps)

DD: "Salome" is (loosely) based on a Lovis Corinth painting. (I was an art history major in college.) "Pompeii" is about the end of the world, but the visual I get when I sing it is Mary Louise Parker riding a Segway out of Agrestic in the third season finale of Weeds. I'm a TV junkie. "Sky" is about the Trail of Tears - inspired by a Comparative American Studies course I took at Oberlin. Only a couple songs on the album are actually based on my life... because my life isn't too terribly interesting.

Deli: Describe Tom Bianchi in 5 words or less.

DD: Most supportive human being EVER. Seriously, I don't know if I ever would have pursued playing music for real without all the support and encouragement I get from Tom.

Deli: What advice do you have for young female performers who are looking to pursue a career in music?

DD: Meet Tom Bianchi. If you're good - he'll take care of you.

Tickets can be purchased here: ($8 in advanced, 10 at the door)

--Interview by Meghan Chiampa


The Hush Now - CD release Sat 6th at Great Scott and free download

Two years after the release of their eponymous debut album (produced by David Newton of The Mighty Lemon Drops, straight out of the UK), Boston’s The Hush Now is back with a sophomore - though not sophomoric - effort that will definitely please those already familiar with their particular species of subdued rock.

For those who aren’t so familiar, a quick listen through their new album, Constellations, will be more than enough to bring you up to speed, with lead guitarist Adam Quane setting the rhythm and tone for each song with some sweetly simple guitar riffs before lead singer Noel Kelly even has a chance to come in with a breathy-but-firm vocalism that, although it may not be for everyone, will certainly satisfy, at the very least. Be sure to catch them live at Great Scott this Saturday to see them perform songs from their new album, and to wish them well before they take the stage at South- By-Southwest later this month.

You can download Constellations HERE for free!

--Dan Schneider


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