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Weekly Feature #215a: Shayna Zaid - Live at Rockwook, 08.21

With recent participation in the SXSW festival and the Deli's Best of NYC Fest, Shayna Zaid and The Catch are a hunble bunch with a welcoming stage presence.  Having only played together a short while prior to their first show as a band (Yan had joined only a week before), Shayna Zaid and The Catch describe their first live performance as a phase when they “were still trying to find our individual place in the big picture, yet, there was a certain magic there, and we all felt it, like we were somehow meant to meet and play together.”  Upbeat and fun, the ambitious band keeps upcoming projects top secret but shared some inside details about performing in New York City and the meaning behind their poetic lyrics. - Read Gina Alioto's Q&A with Shayna here.


Bells Bells Bells at JB’s Aug. 20

Resident psych/freak-folk outfit Bells Bells Bells ring out the summer at JB’s. Gorgeously gloomy with chilling reverb, their latest release A Ghost Could Live Here mixes guitar shreds with organ and opera with rock. Aided by frontwoman Amandah Romick’s haunting vocals, tracks like “Prophet on the Horizon” are driving, dramatic, and fierce. The cosmic riffs of “Laika, An Astronaut” are melodic amidst distortion. Notes bend, sounding much like shrieks. In “Little Hours”, Romick resembles Siouxsie Sioux with a pinch of Kate Bush as her hypnotic voice eases into a near instrumental end. She’ll be paired with the polished pop of Acres of Diamonds and freak out jams of Lo Power Plane. Johnny Brenda’s. 1201 Frankford Ave., 8pm, $10, 21+ - Dianca Potts

Women, What More Can You Ask For? at JR’s Aug. 20

When it comes to brash in your face hardcore punk with churning guitar chords and a dervish of vocals, Women are the band that has the Jim Beam flowing. And with their latest outing No Reasons (you can listen to on their website), which was tag team released by FDH and Resurrection Records, they might’ve just tipped the scales of unapologetic crudeness with songs like “Got No Brains”, “Someone Else”, and “KGB” tossing drunken lullabies at the night and then quickly fading out in a fervor of venom. When they play JR’s tonight, it’s going to be a sloppy mess that stays true to the punk of old! Also staying true to that direction will be hard hitters Smoker and the Rollers, who are getting ready to release a debut album sometime this fall. JR’s, 2327 S. Croskey St., 9pm, $5, 21+ - Bill McThrill

Shop, Rock ‘N’ Roll at Circle Thrift Aug. 20

Amidst vintage tees and knick-knacks, South Philly’s Circle Thrift presents the latest in their summer series of basement shows. Birthed from the brilliant mind of store manager Zack Jackson (aka Anglebrahd), tonight’s show coincides with discounts storewide for showgoers and shoppers alike (25% to be exact). Local lady Kristen Serafin plans to share soft yet pronounced ballads like “Setting Sail” and “Hands and Feet”. Highlighted by their acoustic charisma and well poised prose, indie folksters Kelly and the Ruths set to melt hearts with tracks like “Blue-eyed Lover” and “Hush Darling”. With a twinge of jazzy swagger and a wealth of lush harmonies, Kelly and the Ruths will render you easily smitten. Add in the at times quirky yet charming acoustic pop of the Beekeepers and your night is planned. Shop, rock ‘n’ roll. Circle Thrift, 1125 S. Broad St., 7:30pm, $5, All Ages - Dianca Potts

Water Glyphs

The new ep from Conductive Alliance was recently completed with the help of Griffin Rodriguez and others. The band is really excited about this and they should be. Water Glyphs finds the band at the height of sonic exploration. Tracking was split between Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios and Shape Shoppe, and you can detect the influence of both studios on this seven track ep.

The ep opens up the instrumental, mathematical, and electronic title track which fades into early ‘90’s jangle pop of “Dark Flowers”. The ep is consistently shifting styles and sound, from light to dark, from pop to aggressive more industrial sounding stretches. The ep is a big forward for the band and should be released later this year.

Conductive Alliance will be performing on August 21st at Rice and Rockwell Block Party. You can preorder the album through their Kickstarter Page through the 23rd.


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