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Little Viking @ Springwater, 2/11/11

Little Viking shook the walls of Springwater Friday night. After a ballad of broken strings and early mishaps, the band finally broke the carbonated silence with their surfer garage rock harmonies and choppy riffs. What started out as a loose and sloppy representation of an underground scene soon turned into a set that can only be described as vivid . They played songs from their EP Howling at Earth, and got the crowd howling themselves with the opening riffs of "Nicole and Carl Sagan." The grungy, lo-fi punch of this band compliments other Nashville natives like Big Surr and may even have enough of a following to bring this sub-culture to the light. Plain and simple, these guys are loud and electric. Don't let the surf-rock roots mislead you; their sound is bigger than the small stage of Springwater.

Little Viking announced on stage, "This will be our last show for a long time" since they are writing new songs, and will soon be at Battle Tapes recording a new album. Seeing this four-piece live left me itching for a new album, since their cassette tape EP was only a teaser of three tunes. Their sound is nostalgic and progressive, which is just as contradicting as their band and track titles, but what their songs really lacked were endings - they would just fizzle out, along with the attention of some of the audience in the back of the room. For the most part though, heads were nodding, bodies were swaying and they kept our attention. This show left me seriously anticipating the new Battle Tapes sessions. – Beau Welsh


Buke and Gass open for Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson!

Deli Summer 2008 cover band Buke and Gass' raise to legendary status seems to proceed unstoppably. After supporting SF experimental indie masters Deerhoof, the band was asked to open for NYC scene legends Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson on Tuesday 02.15 at John Zorn's venue The Stone in the East Village.
The Brooklyn based duo of multi-instrumentalists builds their own instruments and has forged one of the most edgy, unique and innovative sounds we've heard in a long time. This show's ticket might be a little expensive for our readers ($40), but these guys play regularly regular and DIY venues in the two rock NY boroughs - if you can't afford this show, don't miss their next affordable show.
Read: The Deli's feature about Buke and Gass - Delicious Audio interview with Buke and Gass about their instruments


Hoots & Hellmouth Return Home at Tin Angel Feb. 14

Hoots & Hellmouth are returning home tonight to the Tin Angel to perform an early and a late set (well - late for the Tin Angel). They’ve been on tour so the rompin’ & stompin’ crew should be nice and warmed-up for this evening. It hasn’t been posted on the Tin Angel site yet, but both performances are most likely sold out by now so if you were hoping for them to be part of your Valentine’s plans and you haven't grabbed your tickets, sorry, you snooze; you lose. Hoots & Hellmouth are scheduled to be heading down to SXSW next month. Also expect a new full-length from them in the relatively near future that was funded by the generosity of their fans through Kickstarter. Tin Angel, 20 S. 2nd St., 7:30pm & 9:30pm, $15, 21+ - H.M. Kauffman

"Night of the Living DeadHead" Valentine's Show @ Zuzu -- MMOSS, Andy Maher Candy Bar, and Roland & Jane

Happy Valentine's Day! Zuzu's weekly "Night of the Living DeadHead" night features a stellar line-up tonight.

Roland & Jane -Featuring Jesse from Apollo Sunshine and Anna from Quilt
Andy Maher Candy Bar -Usually a one-man band, reminiscent of 90s alt rock (think Presidents of the USA), Maher is performing his first show tonight with a band in tow.
MMOSS -Psychedelia is back in full force. There may still be snow on the ground, but MMOSS will make you feel like it's the Summer of Love!


10pm, 21+
Zuzu, Central Sq.

--The Deli Staff

Old Timey scene in Redhook: The Rooftops play Jalopy

Redhook flies under the radar in the NYC music scene but is home to two great venues, Jalopy and Sunny’s which are the epicenters for NYC’s roots/bluegrass revival. Here musicians come together to perform, jam and learn from each other. The Rooftops will be playing Jalopy Theatre this Thursday and you want to check out this lively scene before it blows up.
The Rooftops are a new band that has been nurtured by this bluegrass and old-time scene, they have played at BB Kings, Jalopy and Banjo Jim's. This show will showcase the release of the their new EP. Unlike those who pick up the banjo simply to tinker with the open tuning and the novel sound, this band can actually play it. They may not be the easiest to Google, but their music proves to be more original than their name. They'll be sharing the stage with WA songwriter Ali Marcus The Rooftops go on at 9PM, Ali Marcus plays at 10PM, cover is $10. Jalopy is a little hard to find so look it up first. - Alex Borsody


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