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MNDR and Chromeo release single and tour together.

Green Label Sound today release their latest single "Cut Me Out" by electronic-pop songstress MNDR a.k.a. Amanda Warner and co-producer/co-writer Peter Wade (featured in our Best of NYC 2010 list). Starting tomorrow, MNDR will join Chromeo on the road for a coast-to-coast North American tour presented by the same Green Label Sound. In less than six months, MNDR has toured the world opening for acts including Miike Snow, and Massive Attack. Chromeo on the other hand will be playing at Terminal 5 on February 4th and announced the release of a new track exclusively on iTunes.


People Problems: Oh No Oh My

The long-awaited sophomore release from indie-poppers Oh No Oh My People Problems arrived yesterday and has been justly praised by sources as diverse as Paste and the Wall Street Journal. "I want this album to make people cry," said member Daniel Hoxmeier of the new effort. For right now, they'll be making the French cry: the band have embarked on a two-month tour of Europe, including multiple dates in France throughout the remainder of January and Feb. Ah, the sacrifices we make for art. 


Chasing Kings - The Current State of Our Future


If you could splice the musical genes of Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, and Phantom Planet into one band, you'd end up with Chasing Kings. Their debut offering, The Current State of Our Future is not some horrible genetic musical mutant, but a finely prepared super soldier. The album keeps an upbeat tempo, never getting too slow or too tense for very long as Matthew Schwartz smooth voice flows over band mates Drew Beck, Mike Goldman, and Nick Sandlers pop melodies. "An Empty Handshake" slows things down for a bit while songs like "Empathy" and "The Current State Of Our Future" keep things danceable. The band followed up with the release of the singles for "Just Our Luck​" and "Maybe It's The Distance" in December of 2010. All barely 20 years old, their music shows that Chasing Kings has the potential to take over the world.

-Angelo Lorenzo


Noveller, Bell, Grooms and Sundelles play Bruars Falls on 01.29

Professional shredder/ Filmmaker Sarah Lipstate aka Noveller (pictured) is bringing her distant droning guitar epics to Bruar Falls on January 29th. Despite her young age, Noveller is a seasoned NYC "scenester", having been part of bands like Parts & Labor and Cold Cave. Her music is brooding but delicate, gloomy yet serene and its weight can be felt even more in a live setting.

Opening is Olga Bell’s brainchild Bell (picture above) with their ethereal electro pop and commanding vocals over schizoid beats. The line-up is further filled out with scrappy indie-rockers Grooms who just finished mixing their new album, so expect them to jam out some soon to be released tunes. Rounding out the line up is vintage garage rockers Sundelles whose warm pop will sprinkle some sugar on this rather noisy but exciting bill. The show is presented by up and comer J4 Productions.- (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


Kuf Knotz Presents “The BoomBox Collective” at WCL Jan. 19

I’ve discussed the issue about the lack of places for up-and-coming hip hop artists to perform in Philly with Kuf Knotz many times over the years. Well, it looks like he’s taken matters into his own hands. Tonight Kuf Knotz presents “The BoomBox Collective”, a new FREE monthly hip hop showcase at World Café Live. But knowing Kuf this will likely expand to plenty of different genres - quite possibly all on the same night. The featured artists for this evening’s installment are Chalk & The Beige Americans (a band that he’s been talking about for months now - he also suggests seeing them live because he doesn’t think that their recordings do them justice), Curly Castro, Dave Vegas, and DJ Stoupe (from Jedi Mind Tricks and also Dutch). With Philadelphia Slick throwing their monthly “Rap TV” every 1st Wednesday at The Blockley and “The BoomBox Collective” happening every 2nd or 3rd Wednesday at WCL, it looks like hip hop is finding a little home in University City or at least an apartment. BTW: I was really feelin’ the lineups that On Tyme Music Marketing put together for the Philly F/M Fest at Club Risque. Glad to see underground hip hop is still fightin’ hard in Philly, but I never believed that it had stopped! World Café Live, 3025 Walnut St., 8pm, FREE, All Ages - Q.D. Tran

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