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The six track debut ep from Silhavey, Maru, is an eclectic mix of indie pop sounds. Ranging from more aggressive rock to horns, organs, and piano to near alt-country, the is surprisingly diverse. You can tell each band member brings their own set of influences and the group stirs it all together nicely. My favorite track on Maru has to be “Jungle”. The chorus is catchy and the instrumentation is fun. It really is a pure pop song. The track precedes the piano and organ on “Welcome” which is another sing-a-long party anthem.

Maru is a fine debut from an exciting young band. You can stream the ep on the bands website. The band will be performing at Elbo Room on August 22nd.


Into The Great Unknown at North Star Bar Aug.13

The Great Unknown lives up to its name’s western implications. Their songs are laden with gentle whistling, a steadily twangin’ lap steel, banjo pluckin’, harmonica chords and lots of lonely vocals - all boiling down to a self-proclaimed “mud & blood & beer” sound (it’s up to you to decide what that means). More “Americana” than country (think Woody Guthrie instead of Johnny Cash), their songs are chapters of travels across the country, with tales of secrets, weasels, junkyards, and their ultimate destination, “Water”. But these guys aren’t just a history lesson. They’re also a lot of hand-clapping, toe-tapping fun. And they do a mean “Spirit of the Night” cover with lead singer Jordan Berger sounding almost like the Boss himself. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 9pm, $10 adv/$12 door, 21+ (Photo by Lisa Schaffer) - Katie Bennett



Crash Kings debut new video for "You Got Me"

Crash Kings

The Crash Kings are at it again with their new video for "You Got Me", the second single off their self titled debut album. The video was directed by David Arquette - yes, don't rub your eyes - and features the band opposite some very interesting ladies. It also doesn't hurt that the song is #29 on the Alternative Radio charts.


White Hinterland Video for "No Logic"


White Hinterland, aka Casey Dienel, has a nifty new video (which can be viewed here...sorry, no embed code!) directed by Solomon Chase for the single “No Logic” from her latest release, Karios. The video features high contrast black-and-white images, forest creatures and Dienel’s album collaborator, Shawn Creeden, drumming away on a log next to his Apple laptop.

The portable computer eventual combusts into flame, leaving the viewer with one of two conclusions: 1) The beats were really that hot; or 2) “No Logic” is actually a reference to the inferno Steve Jobs will cause to well up within your computer circuitry if you attempt to pirate his most precious of music production software. If the latter is the case, perhaps we can expect the next Hinterland album to be hewn from utilities available from Garage Band (most people would have to have their MacBooks explode twice before reverting to a PC).

You can check out the first two videos from Karios here and here.

- Joel Sommer

August 2010
Norfolk and Western
"Dinero Severo

Dinero Severo, the newest album from Portland-based Norfolk and Western, is the type that begs to be played during road trips in summer, filling the silence with a contagious folk-indie sound. The album moves seamlessly from track to track, showcasing a variety of instruments and strong influences through the notes. This isn’t the type of album to demand attention from the listener, rather it sits in wait, rightfully confident in what it offers.

Band members Adam Selzer (M. Ward), Rachel Blumberg (Bright Eyes, Mirah, Jolie Holland), and Dave Depper (Loch Lomond, Jolie Holland), have created a smooth, rich sounding album with songs that are both simple and complex. The result feels effortless to the listener, with every instrument coming together in a dynamic arrangement that is raw, yet tame. Every element within Dinero Severo feels beautifully executed and well thought out. This album reeks of late summer nights and good company, and won’t be easily forgotten.

- Arielle Mullen


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