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Awake! Awake! @ Third & Lindsley

Nashville local band, Awake! Awake!, delivered a unique sound to a mixed crowd at Third and Lindsley Friday night, flooding the airwaves with intense melodies, high-energy riffs and melodic background noises. They followed an 8-piece indie folk band, which set the bar pretty high for the following acts. Awake! Awake! prepared to take the stage, strategically placing household lamps hooked up to kill switches, enabling the band to turn the lights off and on during the set, along with bright blue Christmas lights.  Awake! Awake!’s set lacked fluid transition with a few sound issues, but the band, like most of its members, is fairly young.  Despite technical difficulties, Awake! Awake! delivered big sound to the audience, particularly with new songs “Distance” and “Daylight,” both of which are on the album “Bittersweet Horizon,” released early July. The band’s unique sound makes them difficult to compare with others. Small similarities can be made, such as the fullness of Paper Route or the high resonance from the guitars used by a lot of postmodern rock bands. Yet Awake! Awake! mixes their ideas and influences and twists them to produce a sound that is hard to pinpoint.  The lead guitarist produced a variety of sounds with his pedals to keep the audience listening, and the bassist moved about the stage wildly, which was matched by the drummer. Instrumentally, the band sounded great, but the lead singer, who sounded confident when the tempo was slower and the sound of the band was lower, needed to open up his voice so he could be heard over the band. The band’s talent is still evident despite a few riffs in the show, and their distinctive sound warrants a listen. Check out their MySpace for some free downloads of songs worth a listen off their new album.--EJ Hirsch


Joan of Arc Boxset

Joyful Noise announced this morning that they will be releasing a 10-album Cassette Box Set (w/ Digital) from Joan of Arc on September 14th. The box set includes Portable Model Of (1997, Jade Tree), How Memory Works (1998, Jade Tree), Live in Chicago, 1999 (1999, Jade Tree), The Gap (2000, Jade Tree), So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness (2003, Jade Tree), In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust (2003, Perishable Records), Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain (2004, Polyvinyl), Eventually, All at Once (2006, Record Label), Boo! Human (2008, Polyvinyl), and Flowers (2009, Polyvinyl). As a teaser the label is giving away a 10 track digital sampler which you can download here.

This is the bands entire catalog and the collection will be housed in a custom-built wooden box, elaborately screen-printed, hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies. You can preorder your boxset for $49 today. The Chicago show to celebrate the release will held on August 21st at Ronny’s.


Siren Music Fest preview: Pains + Cymbals + Earl Greyhound + more

Saturday brings us the 10th Annual Siren Music Festival at Coney Island. One of the highlights (if not the best) of the free summer concerts in New York, it starts at 1:00 pm and goes for the next 8 hours. Among the featured bands this time around are some of the metro areas finest up and comers. Topping that group is the now veteran Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (in the top picture). Still riding the two year wave of critical acclaim and mass popularity, we can't wait to hear a new song or two in their set. "Everything Is Happening Now," perhaps? The Screaming Females will be showcasing songs from their impending fourth album release, “Castle Talk”; we are looking forward to admire gifted guitarist Marissa shredding and sweating on stage - she is bound to be the focus of this dynamic act's set.

Cymbals Eat Guitars (2nd pic) have an appealing sound that incorporates, at times, frantic guitar strumming, impassioned vocals, a variety of blended keyboards - moving from quiet passages to all out blustery jams - all within the same song. They have no apparent inhibitions about incorporating alternately noisy and/or atmospheric passages within their mostly traditional song structures. Earl Greyhound blend the sprawling song structures (and chops) of prog rockers with a Dead-head hippie mentality, producing something unique and entertaining. All of the above are must see shows. - Dave Cromwell


The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 7/15-7/17

With several Mission Creek events peppered about the Bay Area this week, and yet another powerhouse line-up brought to you by Epic Sauce on Thursday, this weekend looks to be quite busy for anybody making their way out to see some live music.

As mentioned above, head over to Milk on Thursday where Epic Sauce will be presenting Weekend, Ty Segall (performing solo), Terry Malts, and Whirl, 8pm.

Head back over to Milk on Friday for another great show with Loquat, The Downer Party, and Ross Sea Party, 8:30pm.

On Saturday stroll out to Thee Parkside where The Dont's will be playing with Drink Up Buttercup and I Come to Shanghai, 9pm.

Of course if you do nothing else this weekend you must head down to McLaren Park on Saturday afternoon for Mission Creek's big outdoor show. It's free so you really have no excuse.


-Ada Lann


Please Call it a Comeback

The wonderful folks over at Milk Productions have created a new video from Coltrane Motion's song "Please Call it a Comeback". The song appears on their latest release Hello Ambition!.

Coltrane Motion will be performing at Schubas on July 22nd.


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