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The Summer Love Show - Muy Cansado - Sun Lee Sunbeam - June 11th - Rosebud Diner


¿Dónde está Muy Cansado? They've been recording a new EP for fall release. In the meantime, they will be playing a very special show with Sun Lee Sunbeam at the Rosebud Diner in Davis Square on June 11th titled The Summer Love Show. If the warm weather has got you reminiscing about 7-minutes in heaven in your friend's parents' furnished retro-style ranch basement, bonfires at the beach and getting drunk in the woods behind the Athletic Association, hop on over to the Rosebud Diner on June 11th. Chris Mulvey of Muy Cansado was kind enough to answer some unanswered questions for the Deli:

Deli: ¿Porque es su nombre "Muy Cansado"?

Chirs Mulvey: “Why is our name Muy Cansado?”  Muy Cansado translates to “Very Tired.”  We actually did not have the translation in mind when we initially picked the name.  We were debating a name and couldn’t agree on anything.  There was strange artwork on the wall of the rehearsal space we were in at the time from the band that had used the space before us.  We kept laughing at a picture where one stick figure was shooting another stick figure that was swinging a golf club.  One figure posed the question, “Cansado?” while the other answered, “Muy Cansado!”  We liked the picture and took the name.  

Now I enjoy that our name means "Very Tired."  Life can be exhausting.

Deli: I hear you you guys have been off the radar because you've been recording and mixing the past few months in preparation for a new EP to be released in the fall. What's new with the band?

CM: Yes we have been off the radar recording and mixing.  We just finished up in Q Division with Jon Lupfer recording and mixing four songs.  Three of the four have been staples of our live set for a while – Not About A Girl, Love & Fear and Sharpshooter.  By the time this interview airs we will have recorded a fifth song, Acquaintances, with Matt Girard of The Motion Sick and Future Everybodies.  (We are recording with Matt tomorrow).  The five songs will be out on a yet-to-be-titled EP in the fall.  We’re shooting for early fall.  That’s taken up a lot of our time. 
When we haven’t been in the studio, we’ve been working on a lot of new material.  We’re hoping to hit the studio again by year’s end to record for a release next year.  Personally, I’m hoping it’s a full length, but it’s too early to speculate.  The new recordings and songs have really energized us.  We’re excited to share. 

Deli: Muy Cansado will be playing The Summer Love Show at the Rosebud diner June 11th. What exactly happens at a Summer Love show? Will there be Grease covers? Will Muy Cansado be playing any new songs?

CM: I can say that we will definitely be playing brand new songs at our next show.  As for how many, I’m not sure - at least one, possibly quite a few.  We've played brand new songs at each show this year.  If you haven't caught us yet in 2010, then you'll hear a lot of brand new stuff.  Most of what we'll play at the Rosebud will not be off of Stars & Garters (our debut album), although we'll likely throw a few S&G tracks in there as well. 

As for The Summer Love Show – it’s a celebration of summer love.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your take) we will not be playing any Grease Covers.  However, we will be advocating spin the bottle, truth or dare and anything else that could lead to a little summer heat.  I’m hoping at least one random couple of strangers makes out at the bar.  If that happens, then The Summer Love Show will have done it's job.

Rosebud Bar & Grill

--The Deli Staff


Brendan Hogan CD release at Passim 6/3


Deli folk favorite, Brendan Hogan is celebrating the release of Long Night Coming at Club Passim June 3th. Hogan's music is Dylan-influenced folk/blues with lots of emotion and beautiful energy. He's been a long-standing contributor to the Boston music scene and played our showcase in March at the Armory. Hogan was host and producer at WERS and WGBH FM for ten years. He will also be celebrating his birthday! And we all know musicians play their very best on their birthdays. This show gets the Deli - New England's first use of a smiley. Check out the interview we did with him in January HERE.

Club Passim
47 Palmer Street
Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
$12/$10 Club Passim members

--The Deli Staff


Audrey Ryan at O'Brien's 5/26


Audrey Ryan was born when The Arcade Fire and Beck tumbled down Niagara Falls in a bucket with Joni Mitchell. She emerged unscathed, accordion in hand at the bottom. She writes the kind of music I prefer listening to while lying on the floor drinking a bottle of red wine. Since bars won’t let me do this, I stand and watch her one-woman-band-sleight-of-hand. Audrey simultaneously plays any combination of guitar, keys, drums, accordion and/or glockenspiel while singing. Her third full-length album (partially recorded in her loft where she often hosts DIY events) I Know, I Know was released earlier this year. Audrey Ryan works with Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky once again on I Know, I Know and with help from her UK Label, (Folkwit Records) the album is available in Europe as well.

She performs tomorrow 5/26 at O’Briens’s Pub in Allston along with Greg Lyon, and Ian Adams as part of Eldridge Rodriguez’s residency. Doors at 9pm, $6, 21+

--Kat Burke


Album Review - Patrick Coman - Southern Storms


Thick with both rural twang and urban sophistication, Boston singer/songwriter Patrick Coman combines folky poetry and country-style storytelling on his latest release, Southern Storms. Violin, organ, and a silky lap steel swell under Coman’s weary voice as he laments and introspects with the quiet intensity of Neil Young and the earnest exhaustion of Jeff Tweedy. Moody and rife with meteorological metaphors, the album feels at times like an Elliott Smith ode to isolation, but the monotony breaks with the southern-fried “Nights Like Tonight” and “Fortune Cookie.” The wistful, soft-spoken “Rear-view Mirror (“Why am I lonely on New Year’s Eve?”) brings to mind a “Dressed Up Like Nebraska”-era Josh Rouse while tracks like “Gram Parsons” reveal obvious leanings towards erstwhile Drive-By Truckers frontman Jason Isbell. Patrick Coman’s power as a songwriter lies in his ability to bravely delve into the haunted parts of our ego that grapple with yearning, loneliness, and regret. Without trepidation, he uncovers desperate, self-pitying stones that are instantly and painfully recognizable to anyone who has ever felt unbearably overwhelmed by sorrow and alienation. Perhaps this isn’t the best album for a Sunday drive (unless it’s off a cliff), but when you’re ruminating over a past lover or lost opportunity, no album will feel more right.

--Stephie Coplan


Nate Wilson Group at Lizard Lounge 5/20 and THREE residencies in June


Photo by Michael Spencer

When you first hear the Nate Wilson Group a little orange and yellow "Led Zepplin" light goes off behind your eyes. Their music is heavily influenced by 60's and 70's classic psych rock and contains some country rock hints in some of the songs. Allman Brothers-esque guitar riffs (which probably makes the band a hit with the evolving jamband scene) are sprinkled generously throughout their tunes. Although they've played with some major national acts such as Ryan Montbleau, moe. and Martin Sexton, The Nate Wilson Group doesn't fade from the local scene and is a band who knows how to play around their local turf. They have THREE residencies in June. One in Worcester, MA at The Dive Bar on Fridays, at Stone Church in Newmarket, NH on Wednesdays and at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA on Thursdays.

--The Deli Staff


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