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28 Degrees Taurus goes country (for one night only)


It is always interesting to see a band slip away from their norm and enter the world of another music genre. It takes guts and talent and tonight 28 Degrees Taurus hits the Plough and Stars in Cambridge with their rarely-been-heard-before country set. Armed with a pedal steel, twelve string and sans drummer, the regularly psychedelic/shoegaze 28 Degrees is prepared to play some unplugged country rock. After 2 1/2 years of writing, recording and mixing there's one record due out in June and another one in the Fall sometime.  The record due in June is more upbeat, pop-oriented and catchy and the Fall one will be alot darker and more psychedelic/ambient. The show is FREE so you have no excuse. It starts at 10 and Paul Sentz (formerly of This Car Up) is playing the middle set. 

Plough and Stars 912 Mass Ave Cambridge

--The Deli Staff



A voice to kill for: Lia Ices

Sometimes you stumble upon a song that literally freezes time, stops your day - I guess that's why they say "arresting". Lia Ices' voice and songs commend attention like only great singer songwriters do. If her live show delivers what this video promises, the lady is going to blow up within a year. (Lia Ices will play live at The Knit in NYC with JJ - the show is sold out).


SXSW 1st day: Suckers, Black Taxi, Roky Erickson, Okkefville River

The first day of SXSW is like the first day of school; you’re excited, nervous, and seemingly prepared. Unlike school, however, SXSW is never boring. After my first ever flight through Detroit and an early morning dash to registration at the Austin Convention Center, I scampered off to Rusty Spurs for Deli sponsored Music Tech Mash Up party, where line-up improvements kept me corralled. The event spanned two days and squeezed in fifty bands at Rusty Spurs, a tri-room gay saloon (how cool is that?) decorated with cowboy boots and Texas trinkets. The Mash Up party celebrated the collaboration of various industries, music, merchandise, and new media technology. Upon arrival, sound spewed from every corner of the venue as bands performed on the main indoor stage, in the lounge, and on the outdoor patio. Mid-day, the barbeque was fired up to feed South by South West goers with free burgers and chicken while they enjoyed the second day of the extravaganza’s hefty line-up. Some of the early-morning performers included LA-based, disco-influenced pop-rockers, Foster the People, dancey R'n'B from Toronto, Curtis Santiago, and Las Vegas’s new-wave, electro-pop, Imagine Dragons. Pleasant surprises added at the last minute, such as Brooklyn’s Black Taxi, and Washington D.C.’s alternarockers, Hotspur, caught the ears of those passing by and reaffirmed excitement for SXSW.

Following a quick Tex-Mex bite and nearly sun-burning in a line for the Paste Magazine Party at The Galaxy Room, I witnessed the last of the Suckers’ (top pic) set and the first part of rock-meets-singer/songwriter Austinites, Roky Erickson with Okkervil river (bottom pic). The day pushed on as I went off the beaten path to Hyde Park Bar and Grill(South) where The Whiskey Rebellion’s evening of music and literature featured NYC’s The Shake who enlivened the venue’s calm St. Patrick’s Day. Due to overcapacity venues back on 6th Street, my night was curtailed. Tomorrow would be a new day with much music to hear. - Meijin Bruttomesso

Jenee Halstead needs your support!


Jenee Halstead, a country-folk singer-songwriter out of Boston is planning a European and US tour to promote her new EP Hollow Bones. The only catch is she needs fans to pledge 2500 dollars in 30 days toward funding the tours. She is playing in the Deli showcase this Friday at the Armory (see above) so obviously we like her. Check out her cute video on her website to see how you can help this lovely young artist get her music across the pond and across the conutry. You can make your pledge and watch the video here.

--The Deli Staff



Two Deli Sponsoerd parties at SXSW

Hey discerning eared people,

The Deli this year will sponsor two parties during SXSW:


The Music Tech Mashup Showcase is a two day/three stages event during SXSW's transition from Interactive Week to Music Week. Featuring a ton of great bands, brands, and emerging new technologies, the Mashup party celebrates the opportunities presented through the convergence of these industries.  Hosted by Shinobi Ninja and Coast to Coast Models & Events and presented by GreenShoeLace, HunnyPot, The Deli Mag and Planet Ill, this showcase will assemble the movers and shakers of these converging fields.

Artist shortlist: Shinobi Ninja, Vaxhaul Broadcast, McAlister Drive, Bamboo Shoots.




The Deli Magazine NY and CitizenMusic have teamed up to bring some of the best Alt Rock bands from New York to Austin for South By Southwest 2010! "NYC in ATX" will take place on Thursday, March 18, at Hyde Park Bar and Grill (South Location).

Music will begin prompty at 6pm!

Here's the kick-ass line up! 6.00: Blackbells
6:50: New Madrid
7:40: The Shake
8:30: Deadbeat Darling
9.20: Black Taxi

And, to make it rock even harder, it's FREE and ALL AGES. So, if you're heading down to SXSW or if you're already in Austin, come experience some of the greatest rock n roll, and best french fries [so we've been told] New York City has to offer!





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