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Julia Weldon releases new video + plays Cake Shop tonight within the NMS nights

NYC songwriter Julia Weldon will be performing at Cake Shop tonight within a bill tied to the New Music Seminar 2015 (she was included in their "Artist on the VergeClass of 2015″ list). The young artist plays hartfelt pop that often flirts with Americana influences, although her most popular single 'Careful in the Dark' follows an intimate melodic path reminiscent of Elliot Smith at its most evocative. She's releasing a new video today for new single 'All I Gave Her.'

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC songwriters and folk artists - check it out!


NYC Psych Punks Psychiatric Metaphors play Palisades on 07.24

Aptly named NJ psych punks Psychiatric Metaphors released their first full length album “33 Thorne Street” earlier this year. Opening track. “Stone Bros Knows” (streaming) is driving three chord rock with basic beat under shouted tandem vocals. We soon learn these “bros know” that “she’s so cold.” There’s tension in the held chord before the verses, the way Sonic Youth frequently elongated moments within a song before dropping the hook. Title track “33 Thorne Street” has cleaner, 60’s sounding bright guitars. Vocals come off a tad more “sneering” this time, with an appealing amount of guitar noodling over the basic chords and simple drumming. The resident of the titled address is (also) a girl: she’s “inside getting tight” but “no one’s got a key” to get in. Metaphor indeed! “Sleep Deprivation” continues to mine the quarries of 60’s psychedelia that current like-minded locals Golden Animals have delved in to. “She’s So Fine” goes deeper into the caverns of early garage rock, conjuring up the spirt of Moby Grape and their classic track “Omaha.” Catch them next on Wednesday June 24 at Palisades in Brooklyn. - Dave Cromwell


Teen Girl Scientist Monthly releases of LP "Hyper Trophy" at Cameo Gallery on 07.18

As you may gether from their moniker, Brooklyn's Teen Girl Scientist Monthly are not too interested in coming across as a serious bunch: the band exists for the dual purpose of making rock'n'roll music suitable for parties, and partying to it while playing it live. In spite of this, the guys are incredibly hard working: their  upcoming album "Hyper Trophy" will be - between LPs, EPs and 7" - their TENTH release since 2010. New single 'Dark Rip' (video streaming below) fits the profile of the perfect party tune: marrying the raw and upbeat urge of punk with the contagious optimism of pop, the track is bound to get listeners moving, wherever it reaches them. Teen Girl Scientist Monthly will be celebrating the release of  "Hyper Trophy" with a party at Cameo Gallery on July 18th - fun will be had by all.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best punk/garage songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Recommended show: Grooms plays Union Pool on June 27

A pillar of the Brooklyn DIY scene, since the late aughts Grooms (interviewed back in 2010) have been consistently releasing records of bendy post punk with both ambient and slacker rock inclinations. Their latest full length 'Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair ' (their fourth) came out this February and shows us a group that's still as inspired as in its early days, notwithstanding a couple of troubled years behind them (more about this here). Check out the fantastic title-track below and don't miss them live at Union Pool on June 27 in their new lineup.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


An off-kilter NYC supergroup is born: Summer Moon - live at Baby's All Right on 07.28

Featuring Nikolai Fraiture (bassist of The Strokes), Erika Spring (of Au Revoire Simone's fame), The Like's former drummer Tennessee Thomas, and NYC songwriter and guitarist Lewis Lazar, the new band Summer Moon certainly doesn't sound like what it is (a "supergroup"), which, considering the talent at work, makes things rather exciting. The quartet played a show at SXSW in March before releasing any material, and finally unveiled first single "Happenin'" (streaming) in late May. The track is an upbeat number propelled by martial, Joy Division-esque drums and semi-atonal percussive electronic sounds. The simple, clean rhythm guitar and bass lines point back again to the darker sounds of the '80s (think The Cure's 'Seventeen Seconds') but somehow the tune doesn't come across like post punk revival, thanks to vocals that adopt a more modern approach to melody and rhythm. Those interested in hearing more should hurry to buy tickets for Summer Moon's upcoming show at Baby's All Right on 07.28.



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