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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Insanity sometimes pays off: Yonatan Gat, ends tour at The Knit on 11.24

The message emerging musicians should get when hearing music from artists like Yonatan Gat - who is currently on an East Coast tour selling out small venues - is simple: it doesn't really matter what kind of music you play: as long as it's your own thing, and you are awfully good at it, and you keep at it, some people will respond to it. The NYC based musician hasn't even chosen the most crowd pleasing of styles: a genre defying, mostly instrumental mixture of psychedelia, tribal rhythms and punk; but boy, the results are jaw dropping on record, and mind blowing live. By the way, is the band's drummer human? Find that out yourself on November 24 at The Knitting Factory. 


A band to keep your ear on: The Shacks play Baby's All Right on 11.30

With just one track under their belt (released about one month ago), NYC's The Shacks still have a long way to go in the wonderfully complicated path towards "band stardom." However, that one track they have is charming the heck out of us. Entitled "Texas," the tune is a quirky, Stereolab-esque waltz, that thanks to Shannon Wise's whispered, semi-unintelligible vocal melodies comes across as some kind of playful, musical courting ritual. Our ears sure fell for it. The duo also comprises a dude named Max Shrager, and you'll be able to see it live at Baby's All Right on November 30th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


NYC femme fatale Margot unveils video for "Isn't She Lovely," announces full length

Margot is the moniker of several musical projects (that's the risk you take when you pick an evocative, single word female name), including the solo project of a NYC based female artist whose full identity is not publicized. This particular Margot is a singer, composer and classically trained violinist who recently opened for Katy Perry for the Asia leg of her Prismatic World Tour, and who has written and recorded string arrangements for Beyonce and Lady Gaga among others. Notwithstanding these noteworthy collaborations, Margot's solo career is still in a budding stage, although showing great promise. Her solo output leans towards mellow, orchestral/electronic ballads with soul influences and cinematic, noir atmospheres. No wonder each one of the two singles released so far is accompanied by well shot, sensual videos that mostly depict the artist herself in "seductive attire," in full femme fatale mode. After releasing her debut single "No One's Gonna Miss You" just about one year ago, Margot last week hosted a a screening of the "Isn't She Lovely" music video (streaming below), directed and filmed by Liza Voloshin. The single will be included in the artist's full length album, scheduled for a 2016 release.


Buzz Alert! Secret Weapons play Gramercy Theater tonight (11.18)

Those of you who crave anthemic choruses and radio friendly melodies might want to check out Brooklyn's electro duo Secret Weapons. Their tunes, uber-catchy reinterpretations of the dancy synth pop of the '80s, are spreading like wildfire across the internet, and as a result the group, after playing Bowery this past August, will check off its list another large NYC venue: the Gramercy Theater, where they'll be performing tonight, November 18. This is definitely enough to trigger a Deli NYC "Buzz Alert - not bad at all for a band whose Facebook profile was created this past February! Their main single "Something New" develops a verse that sounds like a more soulful and electronic version of the the faux rock of Huey Lewis, into a huge hook of a chorus. And that, ladies and gentlement, is what most people want to hear. 


Public Access TV reveal video for "In Love and Alone" + announce debut LP

NYC indie pop quartet Public Access T.V. yesterday unveiled a new track/video combo entitled "In Love And Alone" - streamng below - which will be included in their debut full length, announced for some time in 2016. For those wondering what life in a NYC band is like, the video depicts a typical night in PATV's world. Frontman John Eatherly says: "We filmed this video right after coming back from tour, and when you get home after being together for weeks you think 'I need a break from these guys'... But we always end up just calling each other and hanging out within a couple of hours." That's definitely a good sign! For the last year the band has been touring the US and UK extensively sharing stages with acts such as Weezer, Gang of Four, The Strokes, Wavves, Fidlar, Palma Violets, Twin Peaks, and performing at festivals throughout Europe.  




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