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Crying releases double EP (or something) + tours the US

Crying's debut EP "Get Olde" took us by storm in September, becoming an instant Deli NYC Record of the Month - we were less impressed with the guys in the band, who gave us the typically punk "we're too clever for you to care" treatment... However, this kind of attitude isn't preventing them from going places - ah, the power of good music! They are about to release a remastered and extended version of their debut EP "Get Olde," featuring... another EP attached to it, entitled "Second Wind." Also, together with their inseparable, hacked Game Boy, they just embarked on a month long US tour, with welcome-back-home party scheduled for December 15 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.


NYC Pop Artists on the rise: VÉRITÉ plays Rough Trade on 11.20

NYC singer VÉRITÉ's music is a mash up in a lot of ways, it makes us think of Tove Lo/Banks with the clear, distinct voice of Sara Bareilles. She grew up in a musical home filled with records and fell in love with the writing process at a young age. Most of her music seems ready to go for mainstream pop, excluding the haunting cut “Strange Enough." The song, which is an already underground favorite, depicts the singer in a relationship that constantly changes. Her EP, Echo, is already garnering much attention. - Robert Frezza


The Echo Friendly plays Glasslands on 11.21

We often say that for bands to last there needs to be a strong bonds between band mates, and The Echo Friendly is a peculiar example in this regard: a break up didn't prevent Jake Rabinbach (guitar, vocals) and Shannon Esper (vocals) from keeping making music together, and the result is an album that chronicles this complex relationship, where attraction, musical chemestry and relationship troubles team up to create what we can only imagine being a rather messy situation. These guys should be asked to write the soundtrack for HBO's TV series "Girls" - wait a minute, that actually happened already! Rarely music is created without struggle, and accepting this as part of the creative process is one of the secrets of creative longevity - and maybe also protracted love and/or friendship. Check out The Echo Friendly's latest single "Fuck it and Whatever" and see them live at Glasslands on 11.21.


The Black Black and Low Fat Getting High celebrate LP releases at Cake Shop tomorrow (11.13)

Post-punk is back in full force nowadays, and Brooklyn trio The Black Black - with their muscular, driving, dark, and relentless sound - offer a rather uncompromising version of it.  They released their debut album 'Boogie Nights' yesterday (11.11) and in support of it, they're playing a record release show at Cake Shop tomorrow (11.13).  Money Fire Records label mates Low Fat Getting High (punky-ish as well, but in a more 90s kind of way) will also celebrate the release of their self-titled LP. On he bill also Dead Stars and Seattle's Iska Dhaaf. Listen to TBB's new album's single 'Until Death Do Us Party' below.  It's a bass-driven, energetic, punk rock teleport to the late 1970s when post-punk really exploded. They're not wildly experimental, but rather straight and to the point. After all, isn't that how punk rock should be? - Michael Haskoor (@Tweetskoor)

We added these songs to The Deli's playlist of Best punk rock/slacker rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Idgy Dean unveils video for "The Indian Squirrel Dance," + plays Brooklyn Bazaar on 11.14

We became acquainted with one girl band Idgy Dean (aka Lindsay Sanwald) a few years ago, when she played our NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) at now defunct venue Public Assembly. We now realize Lindsay doesn't actually belong here in NYC. Her new single "The Indian Squirrel Dance," from the full length "Ominous Harminous, scheduled for a January release, is an edgy, tribal track drenched in desert rock aesthetics and featuring weird religious chanting - not exactly your typical NYC music features. But it's the song's video that erases any doubts regarding the fact that Idgy Dean should live a nomadic life, far from the city's anguishing buildings, like some kind of sensual, musical animal, that reveals itself to curious fans at will, semi-naked, and then disappears mysteriously after a song or two. She sure looks comfortable in that environment, and her music perfectly works in it. She'd just have to figure out where to plug her guitar amp... Don't miss her at Brooklyn Bazaar when she opens for Javelin.



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