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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Adiós Ghost unveils new video + plays Littlefield on 04.10

The song "Fernseher" from Bed-Stuy-based quartet Adiós Ghost's EP is contradictory in an intriguing way. Sunny surf/tropical-infused rock is the backbone for some seriously melancholy themes. The lyrics are similarly gloomy: "The sun is always setting and I don’t know why /To think that I could chase it, just give it a try/You know you can’t erase it just by telling lies.” Take this duality and add in its striking new video (created by Brooklyn filmmaker Nathan Punwar), and the song becomes that much more layered. Armed with a floor lamp, a girl peers into what seems to be an earlier time, literally Illuminating the past. What exactly she's looking for in this hazy realm is a mystery, but the effect is ghostly and isolating -- she's watching this all unfold from the other side, through a lens of sorts. And that's appropriate given the song's name -- "Fernseher" means TV or television viewer in German. The solitary observer can't seem to crack the code, but it's beautiful to watch her try. See Adiós Ghost live at Littlefield on 04.10. - Corinne Bagish


Live Review: Jeremy and & Harlequins, Twintapes, paris_monster and The Bothers at Mercury on 04.05

The Mercury Lounge hosted a show last Saturday (April 05) involving three NYC bands we have been following closely in the last few months - and a fourth one called Jeremy & the Harlequins that (having generated 80k+ views with the recently released video streaming below) SHOULD have been under our radar. Well, better late than never!

Twintapes got the Mercury Lounge audience to put on dancing shoes at their show this Friday, with another Deli favorite, paris_monster as the opener. Both bands pride themselves on playing rather complex electronic music without relying on the help of onstage laptops - although paris_monster’s “third member,” a sultry analog sequencer, often fills out their sound with an arpeggiator pulsing behind their live drums. Twintapes transported the audience with their peculiar tunes that sound a little like a chilled-out version of disco, drenching their synths in effects, and combining them with soulful, wise sounding melodies and up-tempo but sparse drum grooves.

After the synth bands had their say, a radical change of scenario: two groups of guys with slick back hair, aviators, leather jackets and plain white T-s (recent Deli Artist of The Month The Bothers and Jeremy & the Harlequins) strolled in and begun to set up for their anachronistic set. Both devoted to revisiting the Rock & Roll and Rockabilly sounds and antics, the bands recycled the genres' signature tricks, stop-times and familiar chord progressions, revitalizing them with a punk-esque attitude in the drumming and vocal departments. For those who like me stayed through the night, the aforementioned dancing shoes came handy for a friendly round of moshing! - Paul Jordan Talbot

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Alt Rock/Revival Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

Weekly Features: Christine Hoberg plays Cake Shop on April 07

Christine Hoberg impressed mightily on her 2011 release "Moonlight Never Shined So Bright" with its bluesy, minimalist instrumentation showcasing her considerable songwriting chops and fragile-but-effective vocals. Having spent the intervening period collaborating with artists such as Flight Facilities and Kiings (she describes the last year as a huge learning curve), this February she released follow-up and fourth album overall, "World Within," which stretched the Brooklyn resident's sound, testing new areas ranging from ambient to soul. You can experience her sparse, intimately experimental music at Cake Shop on April 7

LINKS: Dean Van Nguyen's interview with Christine Hoberg.


Weekly Feature: Slim Wray plays Hank's Saloon on 04.16

Blues rock duo Slim Wray, which is Ryan Houser (guitar/vocals) and Chris Moran (drums/backing vocals), is all about reviving what rock is supposed to be. Their debut album "Sack Lunch" was released late in 2013, featuring their rockin', grungy single 'Bear,' which was enough to get our attention. Their sound mimics that of what would be an early Nirvana/Jack White mix with a little more positivity. For a two-piece garage band, their loud energy can transform a live venue into an atomic explosion of punk, power-blues and grunge. You can experience this at Hank's Saloon on April 16.

LINKS - Michael Haskoor interview with Slim Wray.


From The Deli NYC's submissions: Threefifty

With charm, sophistication, and epic runs as bold as any Classical chamber ensemble, guitar duo Threefifty have managed to carve out a unique world entirely their own. It can be difficult to think of an instrument that's been explored as thoroughly as the acoustic guitar, but this group has somehow found new frontiers to open up on their latest record 'collapses,' merging minimalism with EDM and bluegress together like they were there all the time. It's a surprising journey into a secret world, occupied with lush textures and unexpected harmonic exchanges between two kindred spirits. Check out the video for 'Drive (feat. Cuso Fresh)' below. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

This band submitted their music for coverage here.


Guillermo Sexo and Eldridge Rodriguez support Relations in Brooklyn

Hey New Englanders – if you’re in New York City this weekend, you’re in luck. Brooklyn’s Relations will celebrate the release of its latest full-length, Songbirds, with the help of Bostonites Guillermo Sexo and Eldridge Rodriguez. Guillermo Sexo’s latest record, last year’s Dark Spring, ranges from spacey (“Dark Spring”) to fuzzy (“Fall Lens”) and points in between. Expect fan favorites from across the band’s catalog, which now spans nearly nine years since the release of its first EP in 2005.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez (real name Cameron Keiber) will bring his deep voice and tracks from his latest album, you are released, which ranges from bluesy to psychedelic (see: “The Big Windup.”) The project and shows supporting it have kept him busy while his band The Beatings remains on hiatus.

If you’re looking for something to do in the Big Apple, show your support tonight at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn at 8 p.m. If you can't make it, you can still catch Keiber's solo set Saturday at 5 p.m. at Pianos in New York City. – Jake Reed

A NYC electronic band shrouded in mystery: WOLVVES

There must be a reason why electronic bands are more prone to embrace dark and mysterious atmospheres than - say - acoustic ones. Maybe it's a legacy of the feelings most humans experienced when they heard electronic instruments for the first time: puzzlement, incredulity, fear of a future dominated by robots! Of course, in the new millennium nobody reacts that way to even the most sophisticated of electronic devices, but tons of electro bands keep making music that ranges from the suspenseful to the apocalyptic. That's exactly the range where Brooklyn's WOLVVES find their comfort zone, and the band has no problem admitting it, stating on their bandcamp page that their debut 2013 EP 'Feed the Hand that Bites' is "Inspired by darkness, predators, loneliness, ghost twins and the eternal wistfulness of platonic love." Single "It Speaks" is a rather terrifying track where whispered vocals are stalked by unsettling electronic parts, something that "speaks," and - appropriately enough - howling wolves. "A Breath Away" (streaming) is a less bizarre, beautifully written and executed electro-pop-goth song, that illustrates how this band might actually go places without the need of too many gimmicks. Check them out live if you like theatrical sets.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Electronic songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Cosmonaut unveils video from upcoming EP + lands Pianos residency

Anyone thirsty for a sound that's classic New York reinvented, should check out Cosmonaut. The band carries a torch for acts like Television and The Strokes, (they were even featured on 'Occupy This Album' alongside Patti Smith!), while bringing shades of dreamy (and more British leaning) pop shoe-gazery along for the ride. It's an ecstatic, melodic high that'll reconnect you to a New York before John Varvatos took over CBGB's, and at once transport you the (hopefully) warmer months ahead. The project of guitarist/singers, Fordham classmates Jack Manley and Daniel Quinn, Cosmonaut has been together since 2009, and is about to release its second EP ('Radio Silence') this April. Check out the trippy video for the title track below, and catch them at the first date of their Piano's April residency: next Tuesday, April 8th at 10pm. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)



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