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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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LODRO tours US + readies debut album release

In what seems to be an age dominated by 90’s throwback guitar bands, there aren’t many acts around right now quiet like LODRO. Fronted by Jeremy Cox (formerly of Royal Baths) and Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends), these self-described “neo-noir punks” have deeper routes with The 13th Floor Elevator and Nick Cave's Birthday Party than, say, Nirvana. In an exclusive interview with The Deli, we caught up with Jeremy - apparently after the summer tour there's a full length ready to be released.

LINK: Sam Kogon's interview with Lodro

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


From the NYC Submissions: The Ghost of Arthur James

Folk gospel group The Ghost of Arthur James has a knack for finding the spiritual blessing hidden among all our earthly travels. The group's debut record 'Small Target' highlights this journey: punctuated by revelations discovered during trips through America's heartland ('Highway Blues'), and the spiritual revelations these have brought to bear ('All Across This Land'). Like all our spiritual horizons, the landscape the group finds is rugged and untamed, but The Ghost of Arthur James finds the beauty in it all. Check out a live performance of 'Highway Blues' from Braund Sound Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn below. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

This band submitted their music for coverage here.


Dancegrass opens for Hackensaw Boys on July 18

At their July 18 debut show at the Bell House, new Brooklyn group Dancegrass will be attempting the impossible  by melding breakbeats and bluegrass. Their show will feature selections from the classic 1996 Grisman + Garcia album of traditional folk songs entitled 'Shady Grove.' Stick around for legendary punkgrass headliners and Modest Mouse pals the Hackensaw Boys. Dancegrass is Alex Borsody with Production from Seth Kessell. Check out an early demo by Dancegrass below.


Brooklyn band on the rise: Electro duo Eaters

The Brooklyn-based duo of Bob Jones and Jonathan Schenke contributes to the evolution of hybrid electronica by putting an interesting twist on it with a project called Eaters, which references many of the genre's masters.  Single “Far” (streaming) modernizes the Krautrock, mechanical approach of early Kraftwerk, by taming it with synth pitch bends reminiscent of Tangerine Dream and mellow, effected deadpan vocals. “Remainderman” wanders off into the pure, beatless ambient territory pioneered by Brian Eno, while “Bury The Lines” is built on the motorific beat German art rocker Michael Rother popularized with his band NEU! in the early 1970’s. It makes sense these guys are on Joel Ford’s (Ford & Lopatin) and Patrick McDermott’s Driftless Recordings label. The band opened for !!! at Glasslands on July 11. - Dave Cromwell

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Electro songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


NYC Hip Hop goes places: Sisyphus

What do you get when you cross the ethereal melodies of Sufjan Stevens, the quixotic MCing of Serengeti, and the post-rock hip-hop production of NYC’s Son Lux? Like discovering some new breed of Dodo bird with reptilian traits deep in the rain forests of Papua, New Guinea, it’s exciting and bewildering, and it makes your belly jitter like you just ate an espresso omelet. It’s Sisyphus' sweet funk with social awareness. It’s booty popping for peace. It’s a fun house mirror that reveals all your insecurities and makes you feel stronger. Unlike the Sisyphus of lore, it is a boulder you won’t mind pushing up the hill over and again for days to come. - BrokeMc


Darling Din to Release Debut EP on August 9th

Darling Din will release their debut EP on August 9th. Each track of the EP is accompanied by handmade collage works that piece the album's story together. Download their free single "Killing To Be Bright" and attend their release show on August 9th at The Gutter in Williamsburg to understand the story. Representative of their style as an indie pop-rock band, their collages showcase earth tones, patriotic icons, and folkloric items. According to lead singer Jaeggi, "the tracks are textured with vintage guitar riffs, fearless drums, and an elephant bass backbone." Made with love, the digital album cover is a tribute to her father, who passed away recently. -Rebecca Blandon


From the NYC Submissions: Altopalo plays Radio Bushwick on 07.16

The cyber world which we inherently occupy has developed a uniqe quality of randomness. Something that has continued to quantify into an amalgamation of genres, styles and information in general.  Brooklyn-based, Altopalo, is a perfect example of this.  Their debut single, "Picchu Machu", is a wonderful experiment of genre-mashing; the song is incredibly hard to explain, yet exists in an oddly familiar world.  Listening to "Picchu Machu" feels like riding a pogo stick through RnB vocals over down-tempo, house beats with breakdowns that border on ambience.  Most impressive is that they're a live band, combining live drums and guitar with samples and synths providing a surreal analog vs. digital landscape.  You can catch them live this Wednesday July 16 at Radio Bushwick. - Jake Saunders


This band submitted their music for coverage hereWe added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Electronic songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!



Scherzo releases debut EP + plays Gigawatts Fest this weekend

Do you like a little noise in your synth-pop?  A little synth in your noise-pop?  Then hit up Scherzo because they’ve managed to forge an incredibly unique and interesting sound.  Not afraid of a little dissonance, Scherzo combines upbeat rhythms with precise and contrasting harmonies between guitar and synthesizer.  "All I know is all I used to know," sings Robert Karpay, a composer from Baltimore whose lyrics seem to take the form of some disconnected surrealist nightmare.  Incredibly atmospheric, listening to their newest EP feels like falling through a tunnel of synth pop/post-punk hysteria.  The stand out track on their latest EP is also the most melancholic and out of place: “Taco Trees” (streaming) is a song that we're not really sure makes sense to us at the moment, but the self-explanatory concept is enough to catch our ear so we'll let it slide.  You can stream the EP here and catch their live set at the Gigawatts Festival this weekend, or at another Gigawatts hosted show at The Silent Barn on July 30th - Jake Saunders (Photo: Gustavo Ponce)



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