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Weekly Feature: Lifeguard Nights play Mercury on 12.18

Lifeguard Nights have been around for quite some time, and while this doesn’t automatically give a band credibility, they’ve certainly proven themselves as mainstays in the local scene with over 18 full-length releases under their belts. Vincent Brue, the group’s founder and lead singer, sports a strong tenor with just the right amount of grunginess, and seems to pick the musicians who back him for their ability to integrate that quality with musical edge and power. The band released two album in 2014 that couldn't sound more different. While we’re hearing more folk influences coming out of their May release “Bruetown,” October's record "Beastmaster" - an album long in the making - is a fast and furious excursion into the world of (punchy) art rock with prog tendencies. You can catch them live at Mercury Lounge on December 18, and read Jillian P. Dooley's interview with Vin Brue of Lifeguard Nights.


Happy Lives' zany indie pop, live at Baby's All Right on 12.14

We'll admit that we've haven't always been fully convinced by Happy Lives' approach to bedroom pop unconventionality, but with latest single 'Marry Me" (streaming), the Brooklyn duo delivers a remarkable track in which a wide array of genres, ranging from "caucasian rap" a la Beck to lounge pop to psych rock, get blended to perfection. The song is rigorously self produced, hitting the ideal balance between grittiness and clarity - should we call that not-so-lo-fi? - and the lyrics are as provocative as expected. The last verse/chorus reiteration - though - is what makes this tune shine: a delirious psychedelic explosion that raises the tension and the edginess to levels reminiscent of one of our favorite NYC bands of all times: Soul Coughing. Don't miss Happy Lives live at Baby's All Right on 12.14.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


From the NYC Submissions: The Next Great American Novelist, live at Rockwood on 12.23

The name of NYC trio The Next Great American Novelist remind us about the fact that here at The Deli we wouldn't care too much about an emerging singer songwriter blessed by stellar poetry if the music accompanying those lyrics was barely generic or uninspired. And that's precisely why we find this band's output rather intriguing: songwriter Sean Cahill knows the in and outs of how to keep a song interesting, with a sound that - obviously reminiscent of the complex melodic openness of Elliott Smith - makes the most of dynamic shifts, tension build ups, clever chord changes, tuneful harmonies and catchy melodies to create memorable songs with quality lyrics - like the noteworthy streaming single "Clover Color Blooms." Add to that a flawless production - thanks in part to the connections of band member Anthony Spinnato, drummer and manager of The Cutting Room Studio in Manhattan - and you get a potential next great American rootsy pop band.
Check out the full album "I'll See You In The Art You Love" here, and don't miss The Next Great American Novelist live at Rockwood on December 23 - it's a free show.

This band submitted their music for coverage here.
We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Living Days' single "I'm Fine" out on Dave Sitek's Federal Prism + live at Mercury tomorrow (12.10)

We've always said in this blog that Brooklyn goth-pop trio The Living Days had a lot of potential (we even booked them for our very first SXSW show a few years ago!), so we are more than happy to report that Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio shares our thoughts in this regard. His label Federal Prism just released the band's latest single "I'm Fine," an elegant electro-pop song filtered through Stephonik Youth sophisticated and somewhat tortured delivery. Check out the video below, and see the band live at the Mercury Lounge tomorrow 12.10 with Bowmont and Youthquake.


Promising dream poppers EZTV play Baby's All Right on 12.13

Born in July 2014 (at least, that's when their Facebook profile was created - do bands really exist before then?) EZTV is a new born Brooklyn based trio that channels so called "chill wave" vibes through very well crafted pop songs like "Hard to Believe" (streaming below). Check out also the more uptempo track Trampoline here. EZTV will be playing Baby's All Right on December 13. 

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Dream Pop/Psych songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!



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