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Abstract painter/experimental lo-fi artist Dean Cercone returns to music at Bohemian Grove 3/20

It appears that Dean Cercone, a Brooklyn avant-folk musician, has focused more on his passion for painting abstract art since his 2013 lo-fi release “Cirrus”. He is however playing a show on the 20th of March at beloved DIY venue Bohemian Grove. Cercone’s music hums and buzzes and confides. The songs stretch out into long, ambient passages with the vocals of an insomniac lying on top of his blankets, wondering aloud at the ceiling. If you like some visual accompaniment with your listening you can check out Cercone’s paintings. - Leora Mandel


BLKKATHY represents at SXSW with their fine R'n'B

A band made up of two ladies both named Katie sounds like a project in cute, right? No! Local minimal electronic/lyrical R&B act BLKKATHY layers blissful vocal lines and clicks them all into place with the right beats. It’s music made for pulling up wounds, soothing, and dancing. The duo released an EP, “Dem Bones”, with Deep Ellum Records and also have extra tracks streaming on their website and soundcloud. Their recordings are filled with well-crafted lyrics amongst inventive textures of well produced beats and synths. BLKKATHY will be representing NYC’s surge in electronic innovation this week at SXSW. - Leora Mandel


Local rockers Flagland play Brooklyn Night Bazaar 3/27 and Aviv 4/3

Flagland is a NYC 3-piece self-described “panic rock” band. Despite some nihilist tendancies on their 2014 record, “Love Hard”, there is room for sweet hopefulness in the song “Sugarcube”: “When I’m feeling dark, you take me to the park. When I’m feeling black, you take me back. Yeah, my cup is bitter stuff, but you make it sweet.” The diverse 20-song album is comprised of this sweet diddy as well as head-bobbing rock songs, some glockenspiel action, sarcastic quips, and tracks that are the healthy alternative to kicking your foot into a wall. Flagland cites influences like Pixies, Nirvana, and Weezer and play with super gusto. They will be playing Brooklyn Night Bazaar on a way cool lineup with Teen Suicide/LVL UP/Crying/Amanda X/Washer March 27th and Aviv on April 3rd.

-Leora Mandel 


Palberta bring spunk to spare to Silent Barn 4/18

3-piece NY outfit Palberta treat music like a playground—they run up slides, stand on swings, and climb to the top of the jungle gym carrying flags in thier teeth. A little riot grrl and a little noise, part clever and part temper tantrum, they pluck and sting and stomp around. They put on wild shows, radiating confidence, chemistry, and camaraderie with their audience. Palberta plays Silent Barn with local favorites Ava Luna (who graced the cover of The Deli a few years ago), LVL UP, and Palehound on April 18th; bring those dancing boots. - Leora Mandel 


Crying’s 8-bit/pop-punk pixelates the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on 3/27

NYC, are you ready for more SUNY Purchase grads who know how to rock? 8-bit/pop-punk band Crying is cute in a way that won’t make you puke. It’s Princess Peach in roller derby gear—it’s that Lemuria/Hello Goodbye crossover I secretly have always wanted. Their latest record, “Second Wind”, is seriously fun and filled with glittery angst. They’ll be playing Brooklyn Nigh Bazaar on March 27th. With lyrics like “karaoke’s ready, bring her down” you’re already invited, so who’s carrying the DDR? - Leora Mandel




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