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NYC math proggers Ishmael kick off tour at Muchomre’s tonight (08.14)

It may surprise you to learn that Brooklyn’s Ishmael operates as a trio, considering the kinetic charge of their latest LP “Lotic.” There’s Andy Werle’s sinewy guitar part, the insistent and shapeshifting drumming of Aaron Silberstein, and the leading melodies of Nick Otte, bassist and vocalist, tying it all together. Each member is an avalanche onto himself, but they do a great job not burying one another. And while “Lotic” is ostensibly a prog album, the band never looses a sense of subtlety. The songs are split into different instrumental sections, interludes of angular movement, but the transitions within the songs are never jarring. Instead they melt into each other. The result is a tastefully arranged foray into the genre, both its light and darker sides. Ishmael plays it’s tour kickoff show tonight at Muchomre’s (8.14) with Slim Charles, Mosey Jones, and Lost Love. - Emilio Herce


NYC Record of the Month: Cantina - ' Horizons' EP - live at Glasslands on 08.16

Cantina is the Italian word for "cellar," the dark and rather cold place where time, wood, air and silence magically transorfm tedious grape juice into inebriating, delicious wine. Cantina is also the name of Renata Zeiguer's growing musical project, a band so quiet that one could say it flirts with silence, and so charming and dreamy to sound magic. Their seven track debut EP 'Horizons' opens with airy ballad 'When Your Eyes,' that sounds like an irresistible siren call coming out of an old wooden gramophone, where a lush, acoustic arrangement slowly overwhelms a melody so pristine it could only be conceived in the the squalid corners of Bushwick. All we can gather from the lyrics is: "and if you ask me to..." - which is really all a siren should say to a hungover NYC-life sailor. The rest of the record offers similar atmospheres, althought at times more upbeat ('Stay Like This') and more electric ('Fields') but always dominated by Renata's celestial soprano and her otherworldly melodies, and well supported by an unobtrusive musical background that perfectly serves each song.

The band has gathered some serious attention from local bookers: Cantina is schedlued to play Glasslands on 08.16, Palisades on 09.18 and Mercury Lounge on 10.16. 

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


The Dead Betties return with single 'The Way We Live Now'

After an initial burst on the local music scene in the mid-to-late 2000’s, New York’s The Dead Betties went on a lengthy hiatus in pursuit of individual growth. They now return with a new EP featuring single “The Way We Live Now” (streaming below). Crunchy guitar chords over a busy kick and resonant snare drum pattern create an immediate sense of urgency. “Never ever going to let you hold me down” is the initial vocal declaration, as guitars drop out and shift focus on a solid bass rumble. Lead singer–bassist Joshua Ackley's original melody and impressive vocal range helps the band move beyond the constraints of the punk rock genre. Thematically the song draws its inspiration from Susan Sontag’s short story about the struggle for civil rights. The single release also contains two original b-sides as well as three unique cover versions of songs by Babes in Toyland, Britney Spears and Madonna! Not what you’d expect from a hard rock band, but the interpretations actually work. - Dave Cromwell


Weekly Features: Wyldlife

The guys in NY/NJ’s Wyldlife seem to have time traveled back to a few decades ago when The Clash where refining punk rock and Joan Jett and others were making it commercially viable, proudly planting their sound in that era, while enhancing it with an attitude vaguely reminiscent of Mr. Mick Jagger. If you are a fan of that kind of energy and haven’t heard their 2013 album ‘The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll’ then you really need to catch up.  Every song in there is a leather jacket-wearing, beer drinking, early 70s trashy party of its own. After the band made our list of "Best Emerging NYC Bands 2013" in January, we were able to get some insight from them on what’s coming next. Read Michael Haskoor interview with Wyldlife.


A Deli premiere: Backwords unveil single 'Gloria' from upcoming LP 'Nest'

Backwords belong to that thin layer of Brooklyn bands that can be defined as "lifers" - which is a perfect word for a career in music, since there are always times when it feels like a life sentence to shit earnings. The band, active since 2008, has reportedly played over 300 shows in the US on as many as 55 different stages in NYC alone, and received a fair amount of coverage in this blog. We are premiering here their preview single "Gloria" (streaming below), from upcoming LP 'Nest,' which reveals a more mature sound, as if their friendly psych folk had exchanged some friendliness for power and some lightheartedness for depth. Recorded in the dead of summer, with minimal overdubs, in a large open warehouse space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn "Nest" is an album of growth, openness, and change, from a band that knows the Brooklyn indie scene like few others. 'Nest' will be out on September 16, the release party is scheduled for 09.20 at Baby's All Right.


From The Deli Submissions: No Nets plays Fontana tonight (08.13)

If you've ever been a nine to fiver in New York City you'll know that walking through the subway with the hordes of grumpy New Yorkers can be borderline existential.  It can make you feel small, insignificant, and the realization that you are indeed one of the billions of people in the world trying to float in life becomes very real.  Bronx-born Sal Mastrocola is the guy behind the project, No Nets, and he's got a lot to say on the matter.  "Nobody wants to be average, but that's all I've become" he sings on his song "Average" off his debut album, Affabel & Ready For Small Talk.  The album is a compelling tribute to the feeling of being just another one in a million.   The subjects are carried through both the creative high to low dynamics, and Mastrocola's confident vocal and lyrical sensibility, amounting to an infectiously catchy pop record. You can catch No Nets at Fontanas Bar this Wednesday (8/13) and stream the song "Average" below.  - Jake Saunders

This band submitted their music for coverage here.


Mainland releases new video for 'Shiner' + plays TriBeCa Grand Hotel tonight (08.12)

Super young NYC popsters Mainland impressed us a few days ago at our 10 year anniversary show at Brooklyn Bazaar, when they opened for Drowners (here's some coverage of the night courtesy of Impose). The band just released this new video for their catchy single 'Shiner.' They'll be playing the TriBeCa Grand Hotel tonight (08.12).


Weekly Feature: Big Ups tour Europe

Jam bands, improvisational music classes and Philip Glass’ five-hour opera “Einstein on the Beach” are just a few of the unexpected influences cited by The Deli's Best of NYC Emerging Band of 2013 - i.e. punk outfit Big Ups, who graced the cover of our spring 2014 issue. In fact, the group - known for chaotic live performances and a sound that recalls classic 80s hardcore and 90s post-hardcore - are not hesitant to admit that some of them used to listen to Phish or that they don’t really consider themselves a punk band. The band is currently touriong Europe, which has so far been more receptive to their sound than their home country.

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