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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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From the NYC Submissions: Lazy Queen plays Santos Party House on 11.11

Newborn drone rock Brooklyn quartet Lazy Queen has released two digital singles in 2014, whose expansive sonic reference noisy melodic bands from the late '80s/early '90s like My Bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain. Their more aggressive material lands decidedly in noise rock territory ("Velveteen"), but today we are in the mood for something a little more ethereal, check out "Dust" below, and see these guys at Santos Party House on November 11.

This band submitted their music for coverage here.


Prince Rupert's Drops' album "Climbing Light" LP is out - release party on 12.05

All too often NYC's psychedelic bands tend to be dark and a little contrived. How refreshing then to listen to Prince Rupert's Drops' exhuberant brand of psychedelic revival in their freshly released album 'Climbing Light'. Alternatively channeling the original psychedelia of the 60s (including occasionally the pastoral psych-folk atmospheres of the very beginnings), the rock dreaminess of the Paysley Underground of the mid '80s, and even the 90's upbeat and creative alt psych rock of bands like Flaming Lips and Camper Van Beethoven, the record sounds like an unpretentious tribute to Psychedelia in all its splendor. The album droppedon November 11, the record release show will be at Brooklyn's Wild Kingdom on December 5th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Weekly Feature: Archie Pelago

Archie Pelago is the musical equivalent of a cyborg. Part programmed music, part live instrumentation, the trio is made up of three classically trained musicians, Hirshi (trumpet/DJ), Cosmo D (cello/Ableton) and Kroba (sax/Ableton). The music they create strikes a fine balance between the energy and precision of a DJ set and the dynamism and proficiency of seasoned live instrumentalists. It is meticulous as it is innovative, layering string and saxophone arrangements over programmed drums and synths, and a prime example of what happens when talented musicians take a running leap out of their comfort zone. - Read Emilio Herce interview with Archie Pelago.


Record of the Month: Mitski "bury me at makeout creek" release party tonight (11.13) at Silent Barn

In her third album "bury me at makeout creek," Brooklyn songwriter Mitski reveals a dual musical personality and a multi-faceted talent. Opener "texas reznikoff" presents us with what (deceptively) sounds like your regular, acoustic guitar armed singer songwriter, who gently sings about her wishes, her lovers and far away lands. It takes less than a minute and a half for that first impression to get completely subverted by a sudden build up of distorted guitars. The sonic saturation continues in the following track, the noise pop gem "townie," where Mitski sounds like a riot girl of the new millennium, crafting a beautifully tense melody, full of carefree lyrics, over an unrelenting carpet of fuzzy guitars and feedback. Following track "first love / late spring" take us back to the initial sparseness, introducing a very elegant, if not seductive melody, reminiscent of the crooning charmers of the '50s. A few tracks later, "jobless monday" doubles down on the crooner-pop influences, forging another incredibly beautiful vocal line. The rest of the record keeps dwelling between these recurrent extremes, revealing an artist who relies on her pop sensibility to allow her poetry to shine, while her instinctive, youthful angst leads her to reject anything that's too conventional or predictable. Many great records emerge from this kind of tension.

Don't miss the album's release party tonight at Silent Barn.

Sunday Video: "Townie" – Mitski from Rookie on Vimeo.


Crying releases double EP (or something) + tours the US

Crying's debut EP "Get Olde" took us by storm in September, becoming an instant Deli NYC Record of the Month - we were less impressed with the guys in the band, who gave us the typically punk "we're too clever for you to care" treatment... However, this kind of attitude isn't preventing them from going places - ah, the power of good music! They are about to release a remastered and extended version of their debut EP "Get Olde," featuring... another EP attached to it, entitled "Second Wind." Also, together with their inseparable, hacked Game Boy, they just embarked on a month long US tour, with welcome-back-home party scheduled for December 15 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.



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