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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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New Brooklyn Rock Quartet Young Cum plays The Gutter on 10.01

Newly-formed Brooklyn rock quartet Young Cum unabashedly depicts the scary on its April-released two song debut. While the band's guitar-scuzzed "Tradin'" (video streaming below) conveys a lost man's vain reaches towards redemption, its similarly grainy "Bloodrage" goes downright macabre as it paints an 'American Psycho'-like revelry in murder. Despite these dark stories, and as seen in the noirish black-and-white music video for "Tradin'," the Kate Bush-admiring group seems just eager to thrill. Young Cum plays at The Gutter on October 1st. – Zach Weg


Brooklyn shoegazers Weed Hounds play CMJ at Acheron on 10.14

A shoegaze band can adopt usually one of two schools of sound; either the overbearingly fuzzed out and effectually mind blowing guitars that convey soothing melodies over punkish rhythms, or the slowed down and aerial space tones and powerful astronomical vocals of Cocteau Twins. But a band like Brooklyn-via-Long-Island’s Weed Hounds is able to pull off both sounds rather well. Their first proper self titled full-length dropped last year (following a couple of singles, a split 7” with Dude Japan, and an impressive demo cassette), and it’s a well versed, well thought-out act of harshly heavy tones juxtaposed against breathtaking reliefs, all arranged in pleasing succession, so as never to let one end of the spectrum take over entirely. A line is drawn between weighty fuzz choruses and extremely airy verses, interwoven with Laura Catalano’s celestial vocals, which penetrate in heightened beauty, sometimes echoing the radiating reverbed guitar highs, and sometimes gorgeously contrasting the pummeling force of swirling delayed fuzz. The band will be performing at the upcoming CMJ Music Marathon on October 14 at the Acheron–JP Basileo


Delicious Audio Feature: The Mast's Gear and Creative Process

Brainchild of singer Haleh Gafori and drummer Matt Kilmer, NYC's duo The Mast in the recent past has been developing their dream pop in a growingly electronic direction. The project has always been centered around Haleh's ethereal vocals and airy melodies and Matt's jungly, intricate beats (mostly performed live), but the guitar that was resting on the singer's shoulder has been replaced by an electronic toy and an iPad, while the drummer's set up has changed radically, losing almost entirely the traditional drums, replaced by an intriguing hybrid featuring a mix of synths, tablets and exotic percussions. We thought this band would be perfect for our series of Q&A related to gear and the creative process.

The Mast interview about gear, recording and the creative process.


The Britanys unveil new single 'City Boy' + play The Deli Garage/Slacker Rock CMJ Stage on 10.15

The fascination of the NYC scene with the garage rock sound is long lasting and probably indestructible - you can blame The Ramones. Brooklyn's The Britanys, who recently expanded their line up from power trio to... almighty quartet (?), are one of the most fun recent expressions of a genre that blends grating guitars with simple melodies and oodles of attitude. They just released this new single entitled 'City Boys,' and will be performing at our very own Garage/Slacker Rock CMJ Stage on October 15 at Muchmore's. Check out the full schedule of The Deli's CMJ 2015 shows here. - Photo by Rachel Cabitt


NJ drummer Mark Guiliana plays at The Jazz Gallery on Wednesday (9.30) and at (Le) Poisson Rouge on 10.16

The title track off New York/New Jersey drummer Mark Guiliana's August-released album 'Family First' demands attention. A ponderous, subtly thrilling piece of questing horns and percussive clasps, the jazz tinged track could almost be a quiet anthem for autumn. Guiliana, a widely-celebrated musician and teacher whose discography includes a collaborative LP with contemporary piano master Brad Mehldau entertaningly titled 'Mehliana,' isn't just a thinker, though, as other 'Family First' track "One Month" conveys a looser side with ramshackle drums and an overall peripatetic pace, while repertoire from just a year ago flirts with electronic music - check out the streaming single "Flaw & Order." A deeply eclectic artist, Guiliana knows how to both provoke and entertain. He'll be playing at The Jazz Gallery on Wednesday (9.30) and at (Le) Poisson Rouge on 10.16 - Zach Weg




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