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If you were listening to KEXP’s Audioasis last Saturday, you already know about Sports, and you can kindly consider this post a refresher on something that rocks.  Sports has a solid, 80’s-style electro sound. The tempo is relaxed, and the synths are backed up with reverberating guitars and melancholic vocals. Comparisons to bands like Depeche Mode are unfortunate, but inevitable. Sports played a great set on KEXP’s Audioasis last Saturday, which you can listen to at http://www.kexp.org/streamarchive/streamarchive.asp, though it won't be up forever.


Campfire OK

I've got this big wool sweater and, on more than one occasion, I've sat back and thought about what I should be listening to when I'm wearing it.  I'd like something cozy, something with banjos, big choruses, and foot stompers.  Comfortably, Campfire OK has fit my musical wardrobe quandary.  They take the acoustic, rootsy sounds of Fleet Foxes and mesh them with the more orchestral elements of Grand Hallway to come up with some strong jams full of elaborate arrangements and woodsy, lonesome imagery.  Check out Campfire OK at the Capitol Hill Block Party July 24th.



Wonderful, the summer-soaked indie pop four-piece is back from a five year hiatus with their new album Wake up to Dreamland.  On first listen, their windswept soundscapes lean heavily on the stylings of Animal Collective guru Panda Bear, but considering the many places indie groups pull/lift/steal from, they could do worse.  To their credit, the songs on Wake up to Dreamland are grandiose, audacious pieces that are extremely catchy, and considering the recent lo-fi, bedroom sounds pervasive in indie scenes today, it's refreshing to hear a band daring to do more with their tunes.



Pretty Things

Youth Rescue Mission are currently wandering around California playing shows, but they'll be back Seattleside soon- July 15th at the Columbia City Theater to be precise.  In March they released a tight, fragile, self-titled debut LP.  Youth Rescue Mission are at their best when they let the music breathe, creating large-scale atmospherics in the song structure vein of Arcade Fire.  But, instead of having the fist-pumping/pummeling swells of Arcade Fire, they show an impressive amount of restraint when crescendoing, giving their music a more delicate vibe.  Here's a sample of their softy acoustica side.





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