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SXSW Day 2: Typhoon, Operator Please, K's Choice...


One of the reliable treats of SX is the unexpected show...stumbled on to a couple good ones totally unplanned today. Out under the oaks at Guero's (which my auto-correct wants to call 'hurtle' - what?) I caught Operator Please, a dance/punk Australian band with echoes of Bananarama and plenty of attitude. Singer had a bubbly, love-it-or-hate-it sound; I loved it. Across South Congress, Ross Flournoy of Apex Manor (whose set I just missed) told me the venue had a visit from the Austin police, who informed them that they would be shut down if they plugged in...so all of Music By the Slice went impromptu acoustic. Typhoon, a tightly packed twelve-person band, adapted well to the new set up. 

Out later in time for the end of Cowboy & Indian, Austin locals with a freak-folk-blues thing going, then back across South Congress once again for the end of Wanda Jackson - no sign of Jack White. Finally ducked into the Continental Club for the Blurt showcase & saw K’s Choice, a Belgian band with a four-guitar attack and an androgynous, Bowie-esque lead; imagine Mars Volta with Simon & Garfunkel harmonies, and you’re halfway there. Now back to it...


Meijin's SXSW day 1

Technically the second day of SXSW 2011’s music week was my first day (although Tuesday is kind of a half Music day realy), and I certainly made up for lost time. My third SXSW, the festival’s 25th anniversary, I celebrated with eleven bands and a huge dose of venue hopping.

After being rejected by NYC’s Shilpa Ray’s show at the Austin Convention Center (“badges only, no bracelets!” - "WTF?!?"), I meandered down 6th Street to the “British Embassy,” where a Welsh showcase was beginning, and I was privileged to see synth-rockers, We//Are//Animal (top picture ), and dance-y electro-pop trio, Bright Light Bright Light. Only steps away at The Parish were Brooklyn’s quirky alt rock quartet, Black Taxi, and Austin’s synth rockers, The Frontier Brothers, and wacky dance-rockers, Bright Light Social Hour. A long walk to the Buzzbands LA Party and an extended sound check ended in a short sample of orchestral Other Lives.

A coffee break and pedicab ride were followed by Washington D.C.’s indie-pop Jukebox the Ghost at the Empire Automotive Shop. Back to back, I explored LA’s alternative electro-pop/rock foursome, Hell & Lula (picture above), at Emo’s Annex, New York’s retro-rock outfit, Blackbells, at Fado’s, and my favorite new band of the day, Oklahoma City’s hard rock showmen, The Pretty Black Chains (picture below), at the Oklahoma showcase at Friends.

The day came full circle as I was denied entry to The Black Angels and Queens of the Stone Age at La Zona Rosa, but I closed my first Austin night right with the soulful sounds of NY’s Kendra Morris (pictured below, who also played the Deli sponsored Music Tech Mashup Party earlier in the afternoon) at the Scoot Inn before heading home to prepare for an even bigger second day!


WXPN & YVYNYL’s SXSW Philly 2011 Showcase!

Just wanted to give a little love to all the Philly folks down at SXSW! Today is the big (mostly) Philly showcase that Creepoid’s Pat Troxell brought together as sort of a homecoming and is sponsored by WXPN & YVYNYL. It should be a fun day of bonding for some of our local acts that made the trip down. Below is the breakdown of set times for the event. Cheers! - The Deli Staff
Set Times:
12:00 – 12:20pm  - Nicos Gun
12:30 – 12:50pm - Suede Uppers
1:00 – 1:20pm - Arrah and the Ferns
1:30 – 1:50pm - The Armchairs
2:00 – 2:20pm - The Spinto Band
2:30 – 2:50pm - Slutever
3:00 – 3:20pm - Far-out Fangtooth
3:30 – 3:50pm - Creepoid
4:00 – 4:20pm - Golden Ages
4:30 – 4:50pm - Reading Rainbow
5:00 – 5:20pm - Nothing
5:30 – 5:50pm  - The Spooks

SXSW Day 0-1: The Lemurs, Black Books, Sahara Smith...

Went out of the gates a little fast on Tuesday night before SXSW music had even officially started, and caught a baker's dozen of Austin bands at The Ghost Room, running from 4pm until 2 in the morning...opened up with Liars & Saints, and then Royal Forest (above), Leatherbag, Golden Bear, Wiretree, Dan Dyer, Sahara Smith, Cowboy & Indian, Zookeeper, The Lemurs, Sunset, The Great Nostalgic, and Followed by Static.

Pretty phenomenal back to front, but it meant that today, day one of SX, I was taking it slow...in the afternoon I did catch Matt the Electrician playing a benefit show at Guero's. Many shows here have become spur-of-the-moment benefits as SX reacts to the events in Japan. (Sahara Smith raised $100 for the Red Cross on Tuesday night just by putting out a jar + mentioning it once.) Then snuck out later this evening to see one of my favorite new Austin bands, Black Books, who boast the rarely seen drummer/lead singer, and play a kind of off-kilter dream-pop...their "Maria" lit it up + served as the highlight of my night. On the way home caught Amber Digby, honky-tonky modern country girl from Houston, playing the Continental. And tomorrow back into the madness...



Voxhaul Broadcast debut album drops 3/22 + SXSW shows


Soul-rock quartet Voxhaul Broadcast has been ruling the L.A. music scene for quite some time now. Their long-awaited debut album "Timing Is Everything" drops March 22nd, packed with a solid lineup of 13 tracks. The lazy guitars wailing in "Junkyard Dog" echo sounds similar to Led Zeppelin, while the track "Steal The Diamonds" is funky with R&B infused rock and a jazzy blues feel. Their live shows are dripping with sexy energy, so if you want to witness a talented rock group setting the stage on fire before they blow up, I suggest checking them out at SXSW

March 16 BuzzbandsLA Day Party (208 W 4th St) – 5:00pm Austin, TX 

March 17 Filter Cedar Street Courtyard (208 W4th St @ Lavaca) – 1:00pm Austin, TX

March 17 TGS party @ Rusty Spurs (405 E 7St @ Trinity) – 4:30pm Austin, TX 

March 19 Pure Volume House (504 Trinity St) – 6pm Austin, TX 

March 19 512 Rooftop (406 E 6th St @ Trinity) official showcase – 8pm Austin, TX

Voxhaul Broadcast will also be playing a FREE record release show at Amoeba on the 22nd. Until then you can listen to the full streaming album "Timing Is Everything" via bandcamp.

-Jenna Putnam 


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