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From Washington DC to NYC: Screens play Glasslands, announce debut album

Screens seeped into existence in early 2009, after Washington, D.C. defectors, drummer Andrew Becker (Dischord Records’, Medications) and vocalist Breck Brunson (psych-sludge purveyors, Apes) hooked up with keyboardist, Daniel Roland Tierney (San Francisco's The Mall) and guitarist, Luke Kozikowski in New York City. The band plays dark, frantic and tense post punk with influences ranging from industrial music to The Cure's "Pornography" period, with an underlying psychedelic approach. Distorted drums, an organ that sounds more like a Farfisa than a Hammond and Brunson's filtered, falsetto vocals give this band a very recognizable signature sound, that make them a welcome addition to the NYC scene. They are playing at Glasslands in NYC on 02.18, this might be an interesting show. Their debut album "Dead House" will be released on May 17 on Delicate Recordings.


Poor But Sexy's Debut Out Today!


DC's funky "yacht-rock"ers Poor But Sexy have finally unleashed their debut onto the world today. Let's Move In Together is packed with hooky jams that they've described, "sounds like R. Kelly traveled back in time to become Steely Dan's front man circa 1977." What? This we've got to hear.

And PBS is made up of very familiar faces amongst the DC post-punk scene. Like Singer David Brown and bassist Brandon Kalber who met playing in the punk-funk band Travis Morrison Hellfighters.  Guitarist/Producer Jason Caddell rocked out with the Dismemberment Plan for 10 years. Keyboardist David Durst also composes punk-chamber music for Anti-Social Music. And drummer Bruce Falconer moonlights as an investigative journalist.

Check out the studio-filmed video for "Cherry Delicious" below and check them out live at the Black Cat on Feb. 27.


The Two Funerals Release Teaser From Their Upcoming EP

 The Two Funerals

Richmond all-girl punk trio, The Two Funerals, are back in business! It's been a few years since their last release, Tell Yr Story, but the band has finally posted the title track from their upcoming EP, Boy's Club (Rorschach Records), available for free download. This record seems to pick up where the last 7" left off, forging highly aggressive street-punk with moody, post-rock interludes and lyrics that drive home The Two Funerals' commitment to feminist rights in the 21st century, especially within the music industry and band scenes. "Boys Club" (the song) ends with the line, "Are we a band yet?", a confrontational statement that demands artistic recognition. In the wake of the late Sleater-Kinney there is still plenty of room for a strong feminist voice in the punk scene and The Two Funerals have plenty of talent and passion to grow into it.

Check out their newest release here.



Danni Rosner Serenades Free People

Danni Rosner

Former Deli Artist of the Month, Danni Rosner, has been keeping busy! After recently playing a show at the Urban Outfitters headquarters in Philadelphia she's now heading on the road for a mini-tour of shows at Free People department stores. The dates are:

2/20 – FREE PEOPLE - 2-3PM
2925 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

4093 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood CA 91602

2/26 – FREE PEOPLE - 2-3PM
99 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012

3/19 – FREE PEOPLE - 2-3PM
524 Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78703

I recently talked about the future of collaboration between independent artists and the fashion industry in my interview with U.S. Royalty. Could this be a whole new path to musical recognition in the wake of the crumbling 20th century music industry? You should leave your thoughts in the comments. Don't be shy!

If you can't catch Danni at one of the Free People shows, you should still keep an eye out for the upcoming release of a video for her song, "On My Way." The teaser is below.




Alex Vans Offers New EP For Free

Alex Vans 

Singer-songwriter, Alex Vans, has released a new EP titled Old Souls and Other Cellar Songs that has been filling my stereo (alongside his self-titled EP, released in April of last year) this week with his ragged voice and blues guitar. He's also been cool enough to offer the new EP for free for a limited time if you sign up for his mailing list

The thing that will surprise you about these EP's is not Alex's emotional voice or his masterful guitar playing, it's just how versatile his songwriting is. The tracks span effortlessly between bright pop songs, wrenching and raunchy blues anthems (with harmonicas blaring) and delicately lamenting ballads. The common thread amongst these songs is a bare, exposed arrangement of chords and words that lets your ears know that what they're hearing is utterly honest.

You can wash away your Valentine's Day hangovers with Alex Vans next week at Iota on February 15th. He'll be opening for Star FK Radium along with a handful of other like-minded artists. (8:30, $10 Cover.) -Jarrett


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