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December 2010
Dead Mechanical
"Addict Rhythms

I would imagine that Dead Mechanical would cringe to hear me describe their newest album, Addict Rhythms, as a "throwback" to 1990's era underground pop-punk.  But, when you first play this record, that's exactly what you think.  And, for me, that made me instantly excited.  However, as I listened to Addict Ryhthms a few more times, it began to take on a life outside of The Jawbreaker Era from which it may have been born.  It began to sound like this record had been crafted as if the pop-punk anthems of the 1990's had never really gone away, leaving these songs as a natural progression of the genre into the cultural realities of today.  Dead Mechanical manages to convey this feeling on a record that is well crafted and arranged, but produced low-fi enough to still carry the energy of a live show.  Their songs are catchy and melodic, but with edges that are just rough enough to let you know that they mean business.  

Their song, "Last show," depicts the final show of a band that may or may not be fictional from the perspective of an adoring fan.  The feeling of loss is expressed openly, but the song doesn't sound like a lamentation, it sounds like a celebration.  You can't help but feel like this is somehow a metaphor for an entire genre or scene of music, ending and beginning, but always filled with vigor and life.

Addict Rhythms is at its best during anthemic choruses that challenge a generation at risk of losing its identity to re-take control of their lives.  You can really feel this on "Sidewalks," a song that surrounds a lyrical portrait of voiceless and unappreciated youth with a resoundingly optimistic refrain:  "You can hit the sidewalks early," a call to arms for the weary to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and start going somewhere. -Jarrett

Carol Bui's Single Release Party 12/8

DC's pop rock songstress Carol Bui has a new single out "Mira: You're Free With Me", and thusly a homecoming celebration to promote it on the backstage of the Black Cat on Dec. 8. It's off her upcoming third album Red Ship (release date 3/8/11) which we'll be out on Bui's own label, Ex Oh Records. 'The single brims with the musicality that caused Pitchfork to call Bui’s previous album “...a punk-bred record where the guitar is loud but the tunes prevail” and My Old Kentucky Blog to proclaim it the completion of the rock trifecta that also includes Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyille and PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me.'"

Also joining in on the stage action are Kristeen Young, and Lucia, Lucia. (Doors @9 $10)

01 Mira You're Free With Me by carolbui


Lightfoot Breaks Hearts On Their New EP


Jessica Dye and her band, Lightfoot, have recently released an aurally stunning EP titled, “People (Who Throw Kisses) Are Hopelessly Lazy.”  The title alone should be sufficient to let you know that this is an album of heartbreak; each nostalgically tinted track wavering between sadness and resentment.  Still, there’s a quality to Dye’s singing (her voice a very moving middle ground between Stevie Nicks and Jenny Lewis) that leaves you feeling just a tiny bit empowered in spite of the obvious emotional scars that are recounted within the lyrics.

Lucky for you, Lightfoot is staying busy this week!  Catch them on December 2nd at The Velvet Lounge in D.C. (DOORS 7:30PM/SHOW 9PM/21+/$8) or on December 4th at The Point in Fells in Baltimore (9:00PM). - Jarrett


Lightfoot- Will Uncoil When from Brett Vaughn on Vimeo.


True Womanhood's Latest Single

Holy wow, DC's True Womanhood have done it again. They've just unveiled their latest single, "The Grey Man", an experimental journey of a track morphed through complex and intricate instrumentation. Singer/guitarist Thomas Redmond describes the creation process: "This time we ran the vocals through the malfunctioning tape delay and replaced the guitars with melotron strings and samples from an old tack piano." Mind blown.

And expect even more brilliant compositions in the near future as TW has announced a new series of music they are working on titled REEL TOO REAL. They've gotten their hands on a vintage reel to reel machine, and of course they will continue to blow minds with what'll come out of that. Super excited to hear what they've got coming, and we'll of course keep you posted here. -Dawn

The Grey Man by truewomanhood


Oh So Peligroso Upcoming CD Release Show

This Saturday (12/2), DC's alt. rockers Oh So Peligroso take the Red Palace stage for their S/T CD release party. Formed back in 2009 by a group of UMW college friends, Oh So Peligroso mix uber-chant vocals and harmonic driven guitars with rocked and rugged bass lines, very apparent in the track "Suitcase" featured below. Also on the bill is the Laughing Man- so get there early (doors at 8:30) to be amazed. Lifted from the OSP invite: "You better put your 3-D glasses on 'cause we got some holiday shit comin' straight at ya." Word.

Oh So Peligroso - Suitcase by user4670251


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