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The Chance Head to Brooklyn 11/19

 DC's poetic noise lords the Chance are taking their epic alt. rock wall of sound to the Brooklyn stage this weekend (Bar Matchless on 11/19), further representing our town as one of the loudest scenes in the U.S. Like a rock melting pot, singer/guitarist Joshua Padgett is the Peruvian Thurston Moore, drummer Viraj DeSilva the Sri Lankan Dave Grohl, and bassist Finley Martin the Canadian Jah Wobble. Rock insanity will undoubtedly ensue when this trio plugs in.


After the show, the Chance will remain in NYC to finish mixing their upcoming album Oblivion with the awesome mix master Chuck Brody (who recently toured with Hesta Prynn.) If you've made it out to any of the Chance's shows this year, you've probably heard some of what Oblivion will feature, including my personal favorite "Lapdance in Heaven," a dark and depressing ambient journey with enigmatic lyrics about a man trapped in purgatory with only a bare memory of a stripper. Can't wait to hear this. In the meantime, they've leaked a raw and unmixed track "Slipstream" below. -Dawn



Thank You's Upcoming Release


Thank You is a trio from Baltimore whose urgent collision of rhythm, melody, and noise has placed them at the creative center of today's Baltimore renaissance. With their new album Golden Worry, Thank You has carved out a new sound drawing inspiration from the innovative post-punk of This Heat and Swell Maps and the polyrhythmic attack of The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans.

Golden Worry was recorded by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, TV on the Radio), and will be coming out January 25. In the meantime, check out their video featuring B-more dance troupe, Bobby.

Thank You - Birth Reunion from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.


Danni Rosner to Charm IOTA on 11/23

Up and coming singer / songwriter, Danni Rosner will be returning to IOTA after playing several shows in New York City and London to promote her new EP, “On My Way.”  Her song, “In the City” was recently featured on the A&E series, “Teach,” starring Tony Danza which may come as a surprise to many of you – not that a local artist has been featured on cable television - but that Tony Danza is still making television shows.

Rosner’s songs are a mix of soulful blues and jazz ballads processed through catchy pop melodies and cautiously optimistic lyrics about struggling to keep your head above water in the not always friendly pond of modern life.

Catch her with Philadelphia’s Jason Ager on 11/23.  Show starts at 8:30, $10 at the door. -Jarrett B.


Tennis System Leaves Black Cat’s Ears Ringing

When I arrived at Black Cat, I immediately realized I had made a huge mistake.  My earplugs had been left uselessly in the console of my car.  However, I am never one to back down from a good rock show merely to save the waning remnants of my own hearing, and I’m glad I stuck around for this one.  The show started off on a great note when I got my first exposure to The Laughing Man, a band that does for 60’s soul and blues what Vampire Weekend did for world music.  I definitely expect to see more from these guys soon.  Arc in Round from Philly was up next; aptly setting the tone for the very loud session of shoegaze-pocalypse that was to follow. 

When Tennis System started into their first song, they were surrounded on stage by spinning green lasers that they swore were unintentional.  However, once their own array of strobe lights began assaulting the crowd, I think they should have embraced the mistake and left the green lasers on.  No mercy. 

Just about any review you can find of this band will let you know that they are not quiet.  Between the volume and the lights, this set was a full force assault on the sensory systems of the crowd.  But, what I really enjoyed about Tennis System was that underneath all the (admittedly cool) drones and screaming guitars were catchy songs full of energy; urgent melodies that you couldn’t help but sing along with.  When you hear this band is loud, believe it, but don’t mistake “loud” for “noise.”

Tennis System plays again at The Red Palace on November 30. -Jarrett B.


The Vita Ruins @ the Red Palace 11/13

This Saturday, DC's experimental indie rockers, the Vita Ruins, return to their hometown (at the Red Palace,) after a couple months of shows up and down the east coast.  Their first LP, A Day Without A Name, (released in March), is hands down one of the best albums of the year, so expect to be shaken to your knees with gorgeous tracks like "Coffin Dodgers" and "I Was Hoping That Our Stardust Was In Someway Connected." Recently, they've let loose a demo of a new tune to be featured on their upcoming EP to be released in early 2011.  Super excited over here! (photo credit Colleen Vivori)

  The Vita Ruins - The Towns (Demo) by thevitaruins


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